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  1. Nathan Page

    X-Particles Updates

    @HR2019 @krustylicious is correct.If you install within the Program Files, X-Particles does not always have the necessary permissions (depending on your settings) to automatically update. We would always recommend to install within the Preferences folder to ensure that this is not an issue and X-Particles runs correctly.
  2. This update is available to ALL X-Particles users in their Maintenance Period. For more information, check out this News Article 👉 https://buff.ly/2veiCWr If you just fancy diving in and finding out for yourself, ensure your Online Updater is enabled and check that you're running Build 742. 👌 Enjoy! 🤘
  3. Nathan Page

    Lost license on email change

    Hello, If you have not already done so, can you please contact Customer Services so that we can clear this up for you: https://insydium.ltd/contact-customer-service/ Thanks, Nathan
  4. Nathan Page

    R21 support

    @Vincent Just select any option and it will come through to us. If you are unable to add an image, we will request this in our response.
  5. Nathan Page

    R21 support

    Hi @Vincent, Could you please send this through to Customer Services with screenshots showing your installation folders: https://insydium.ltd/contact-customer-service/
  6. Nathan Page

    R21 support

    @Vincent The R21 Bridge was released in October as per my post above. Please follow the link below and you can download this: https://insydium.ltd/products/bridge/
  7. Nathan Page

    R21 Install not working

    @mrmitchy1211 Please send this through to Customer Services using the form below and we can take a look for you: https://insydium.ltd/contact-customer-service/ Thanks, Nathan
  8. Nathan Page

    Cache problem

    Hello, Our Developers are aware of this issue in X-Particles build 732 in R21 and this should be resolved in the next service update. In the meantime, the caching function should still work correctly in X-Particles 732 in R20 or lower. Thanks, Nathan
  9. Nathan Page

    maintenance and also extra cycles nodes

    Hello @krustylicious, Can you please send this through to our Customer Services team who will advise: https://insydium.ltd/contact-customer-service/ We are unable to answer License / Maintenance related queries through INSYDIUM Online and the team will provide correct information. Thank you, Nathan
  10. Particle FX - Premium Training by INSYDIUM is available now for £190 + VAT!  Particle FX - Premium Training includes six chapters of industry-relevant scenes and techniques for Motion Graphics, VFX and Product Visualisation. Each Chapter comes with downloadable scene files so that you can dive straight in. Jon Bosley, INSYDIUM’s resident Particle Master, guides you through more than 16 hours of pure X-Particles Training. Plus, you'll get 10 hours of additional free training, covering rendering & compositing. Find out more: https://insydium.ltd/products/premium-training/
  11. Nathan Page

    Licese problem

    Hello @Zoir, Please can you send this through to our Customer Services team using the form below: https://insydium.ltd/contact-customer-service/
  12. Nathan Page

    Cache problem

    Hello, Have you reported this to Tech Support? If not, please do so below: https://insydium.ltd/contact-technical/ Thanks, Nathan
  13. Nathan Page

    R21 support

    The INSYDIUM Bridge for R21 has just been released and will allow you to use Cactus Dan's tools in R21: https://insydium.ltd/products/bridge/ Thanks
  14. Nathan Page

    Bridge for R21

    The Bridge for R21 is currently in development and will be available through our website once released. This will also be announced on our social media channels. Thanks, Nathan
  15. Nathan Page

    R21 support

    Hello, Our latest builds of X-Particles and Cycles 4D are available for R21. Please see the link below for more information: https://insydium.ltd/news/latest-news/cinema-4d-r21-compatible-release/ Thanks