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  1. Nathan Page

    build 884 tutorials

    @vicnorman We are currently working on the video content for Build 884, including the Video Manual and once this is available, we will let users know via our website and social media channels.
  2. Nathan Page

    Docs & Training

    @ShelleyG Our team are currently working on an updated video manual and we will let you know when this has been completed. The Help Manual has already been updated to reflect the new updates and features.
  3. Nathan Page

    Missed a week of Premium Training

    Hello @rdhamilton, If you have missed a Premium Training video as part of the STAYHOME access or this has not been uploaded, we are unable to renew access. The only way to access these videos would be to purchase the Premium Training product. Please also remember that the STAYHOME access to the current training videos is ending on July 2nd.
  4. Hello @jim137, Thank you for this information, I will pass it on and see if we can create a new forum area for the Training. The Maintenance Training videos were created using the latest versions of each software available at that time and as such, when new features and updates are released, there may be slight discrepancies in how these work.
  5. Nathan Page

    Particle FX - Premium Training

    @Delphis Unfortunately, these parts have already been removed and updated with the next parts in the training series.
  6. Nathan Page

    licence manager seats

    Hi @Pylik Can you please send this through to our Customer Services team using the form below so that we can take a look for you: https://insydium.ltd/contact-customer-service/ Unfortunately, we are unable to answer license queries through the forum.
  7. Nathan Page

    Optimize Video Content on the Documentation?

    @bentraje This has been passed over to the website team for you.
  8. Can you please send this through to our Technical Support team so that they can take a look for you: https://insydium.ltd/contact-technical/
  9. **X-Particles Beta Access - Coming Soon!** With the outbreak of COVID-19, our whole team are working remotely, and so are many of you. Beta Access will enable us to release new features earlier than we had planned! We're just finalising the finer details now 👌 For more info, head this way 👉 https://buff.ly/2RT5j6k
  10. 📢 Cycles 4D Hotfix 📢 Ensure your online updater is enabled to receive this Build (506). This Hotfix contains critical bug fixes for Denoiser, Light Kits and Voronoi Texture Node.
  11. ⛔️ STOP! ⛔️ ⚠️ Cycles 4D Update - OUT NOW!!! ⚠️ Ensure your Online Updater is enabled to receive the latest Build! (500) 💡 We’ve introduced some fantastic new lighting tools giving you greater control of your lighting rigs, we’ve added more nodes, updated existing features and created some helpful shortcuts. We've added 👇 ✔️The Latest Cycles Core ✔️OptiX™ Support ✔️Custom AOVs ✔️Unlimited Render Nodes ✔️Viewport Texture Support ✔️Replicator Node ✔️OpenVDB Velocity Maps ✔️Light Kits ✔️Lights Manager ........Plus much more! For more information about this build, click this Article 👉 https://buff.ly/3aAxRsC ☝️ That Article Still haven't tried Cycles 4D? - We won't judge. Try it FREE for 3 months! https://buff.ly/2QYNxxI ENJOY! #Cycles4D #INSYDIUM #Update #2020 #CreateLikeNeverBefore
  12. Nathan Page

    x particles trial

    @vision frame Please click 'Change License', remove all of the information and click OK. You will then need to close Cinema 4D, reopen and on re entering your information, you should see that it works correctly.
  13. Nathan Page

    Reductions - 30% OFF

    ⭐️ Reductions - 30% OFF ⭐️ As the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) begins to be felt across the globe, INSYDIUM appreciates our community may be struggling. We want to help ease financial pressure, so from today, with the exception of Subscriptions, we'll reduce all our products by 30%* There is no end date for this reduction, as none of us knows how long this situation will last. ⭐️ To use the 30% reduction - Apply coupon code STAYHOME to your cart. ⭐️ 👉 Please share to help us spread the message! 👌 Stay safe and look out for others. Link to the Shop 👉 https://insydium.ltd/shop/ *Offer exludes Subscriptions
  14. Nathan Page

    Problem after with XP Update

    @MarioD Please send this through to our Customer Service team, who will be able to advise. If you could provide screenshots showing your installation folders and Cinema 4D Console (Shift + F10) with your request, that would be great: https://insydium.ltd/contact-customer-service/ Thanks, Nathan
  15. Nathan Page

    X-Particles Updates

    @HR2019 @krustylicious is correct.If you install within the Program Files, X-Particles does not always have the necessary permissions (depending on your settings) to automatically update. We would always recommend to install within the Preferences folder to ensure that this is not an issue and X-Particles runs correctly.