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  1. andrew c 11

    Splat Particles wont stop moving

    Ended up putting a freeze modifier on this and adding in a falloff still not too sure why they were still advecting after attaching to the target object?
  2. Hi, Would anyone be able to help? I'm creating a splat where i want the liquid to leave the logo behind but seem to be having a problem with the particles continuously moving. Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of what i am doing wrong? splat.c4d
  3. andrew c 11

    Helix Emitter cover object

    Hi Ariexetrotiv, I've had a play with the groups and action, think im on the right tracks. only problem I have now is that some of the particles seem to be traveling past the object whilst other get attracted to it. Any advice? helix 4.c4d thanks in advance 🙂
  4. andrew c 11

    Helix Emitter cover object

    thanks I will have a go at adding another flow field and changing the group action. Just need it to stop following the spline at the end an revert to covering/filling the target
  5. andrew c 11

    Helix Emitter cover object

    thanks for the help. The spiral looks great just need to figure out how I can get it to follow the spline and the cover the object at the end.
  6. Hi Guys, Would anyone be able to shed some light on why I can't get the Emitter to follow the helix as well as it should. I've used the helix from the content repository and have seen another animation on the forum where the liquid forms the object. I am trying to combine the two techniques with a little success but the emitter does not follow the helix as well as i would like. Any help would be appreciated, it looks as though I need to activate the xp cover at a different time period but i cannot see how to do that. Thanks in advance. Test Spiral Cover.c4d
  7. andrew c 11

    Fluid Sim

    Hi, I wondered if anyone could help wit the attached. I'm looking to produce a fluid simulation with it following a helix spline. Trouble is when it gets to a certain point the particles start to bunch up and stop. Would anyone be able to help? Thanks Fluid Simulation.c4d
  8. Hi All, I 'm trying to make two objects collide and shatter but for some reason the two object are jumping position. Would anyone know why this is? Thanks Collision test.c4d
  9. Hi All, I just wanted to ask if anyone knew as to why I am getting stray particles from a shot emission using infection? all start off well but after time the particles start to emit from the object. Thanks Liquid emission scene file.c4d
  10. andrew c 11

    Liquid emitter connecting to object SOLVED

    that's brilliant exactly what I was looking to do thanks so much for your help once again 🙂 think I owe you a beer or two haha
  11. andrew c 11

    Liquid emitter connecting to object SOLVED

    Hi Lothar, I tried you emitter but not sure if its just because the object is complicated? I wanted the particle to stick inside the rings but as mentioned they congregate outside this area. I have attached a scene below. Thanks again. liquid attractoor.c4d
  12. andrew c 11

    Liquid emitter connecting to object SOLVED

    thanks I will give this a try. If it doesn't work i'll upload a scene file. Might be because the geometry is a little more complicated or might need to slow the sim down to follow the object a little better.
  13. Hi, i am currently working on an animation where I have an emitter producing floating liquid. I have used an attractor so the liquid is drawn to the object although there seems to be a bit of a barrier around the object as it does not sit flush on the surface. Would anyone have any tips how to solve this? Thanks
  14. andrew c 11

    Multiple Xp infectio SOLVED

    thank you sooo much haha. New it would be something small. Thanks for taking the time to show me really appreciate it 👍
  15. andrew c 11

    Multiple Xp infectio SOLVED

    sure please see attached. I have two objects that i want to infect at the same time, both the same but with different materials. I thought I could just duplicate them and apply another material but when i do they both stop working. I'm sure theres a conflict somewhere but i'm new to the programme and cant seem to work out what it is. It works fine with just the one object in the scene. I also tried to put them both into the same xp system but it still didn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you neew anymore info. thanks sample scene.c4d