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  1. mforghieri

    Soft Body sim geometry

    Mug_V004.c4d this file works better as an example
  2. this is an old question i cannot find an answer to: xparticles contraints works pretty good to create a soft body sim. for example this bouncy mug Mug_V001.mp4 but then when i am done with the simulation i really dunno how to render it. vdb mesher is 90% of the time not what i want (it requires to much resolution to have a good mesh, also if my object have textures its a problem) using the cloth engine is out of the picture as well. xp cloth gives worst results in this cases in longer times. the ideal thing for me would be to have something like the c4d mesh deformer for xparticles. is there any way i can attach my geometry to my simulation? thx! Mug_V003.c4d
  3. mforghieri

    Soft Body sim

    hi teknow. thanks, but i cant see what you did in your file, i just see the particles, is there supposed to be geometry attached?
  4. mforghieri

    Soft Body sim

    thanks a lot lothar for the answer. so the cloth engine seems not to be the best to achieve the effect (its slow, gives intersections and the torus collapse on itself like its hollow, and i dont want it to feel hollow ) the second file works better. but still not ideal. i think that because of the way the particles are spawn its harder to get a convincing simulation. i get a lot of weird intersections, with low res geometry. if i use high res geometry the sim is pretty nice, but kinda slow. the cool thing about the tecnique i have used is that you can use a low amount of particles and you already get something nice. it would be very nice if i could also attach the geometry as well. do you have any idea? thx!!
  5. mforghieri

    Soft Body sim

    Soft_Body_Test.c4d i have a very simple soft body simulation, how can i make the geometry follow the particle simulation? thx
  6. mforghieri


    i tried many times to implement xplosia in my projects, but its just impossible at the moment, tfd is so much faster that in the end i just use that. please make xplosa faster! pls!!!
  7. mforghieri

    stepping and lagging particles

    this is another example of the problem. why cant i have subframe emission with the orange particles? Xparticles_V001.c4d
  8. mforghieri


    i also agree, gpu accelerated simulations is what xparticles needs to become a real production tool!
  9. i have a very simple animation, but very fast (5 frames), so xparticles give me these two issues: a very sharp turn in the particle trails particles start to appear very far from the emitter (Particles have no speed and no motion inheritance) thx!