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    Yes that´s a point I could not solve yet as well - that jerking of the splines . Tried to eliminate all bounciness, made radius small so there will be no self collision for the spline points but though getting better, did not help enough so I´m getting to think it might be a matter of calculation precision. But perhaps still too much energy in, so low gravity/mass could solve that even better but there is no deformation of the splines in the end I´m afraid.
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    the very old Cinema problem 🙂 If it is a comfort - I have been running into this as well some weeks ago, so I´ll remember now for a while I think. You simply have to uncheck render perfect for the sphere - that´s what is stopping it from being rendered with dynamics tag....
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    The rig works fine with both the Connect and the Displacer Deformer inside of null but I don't see much difference. I tried on a polygon reduced brain instead of the Connect but it choked my machine. I may try that again because the effect would be great.
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