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    You can download manuals from our website, go to Community->Cactus Dan Tools.
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    Hi, yes the priority within C4D causes the particles to stick one frame behind. To fix that I recommend to simply cache the emitter and offset the sim for one frame: Cheers, Mario
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    I am in this same boat. I am trying to simulate this explosion effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4y1qcDFp94 After many days of trial and error, I've gotten this effect thus far, but I had to result to using a poor quality video for my fire and smoke: https://media.giphy.com/media/2igJbF0MBtgqV7CECJ/giphy.gif However, there is only one tutorial out there when it pertains to X-Particles Explosia, Octane, etc., but that video does not discuss creating artificial containers for the explosions, simulating exhaust, etc. So much confusion on this feature in X-Particles and there is hardly any resources out there to learn, plus the community is pretty small which makes it even harder to learn. I'd be willing to pay someone for the time but even that I'm finding difficulty! Here's a simple file that strips all the internal modeling. If anyone from Insydium, the community would be willing to help, shoot me a reply here, my email Smith.Brandon@basco.com, or feel free to DM for my phone number as I'd like to move along on my project sooner than later: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pto-TxEmkxlC36wMmLO4OeTZ2LPnKKwt Sorry if this technically hijacked the thread, but for a forum with only 10 total topics and one of them pertaining to the same issue I was having I figured it was OK to post here.
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    There is a wealth of knnowledge in your old forum content. Is there archive for that somewhere? many thanks
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    Hey, here is a xp setup im experimenting with, please share if you do something cool with it. Iv shared a video on IG; https://www.instagram.com/andredeyoung/ and will upload a video on INSYDIUM ONLINE too. /Andre XP_worms_setup_01.c4d
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    FluidFX is the only grains solver so play with that set the grains in the emitter
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    or use the blender methode, shown here: https://insydium.ltd/support/video-manuals/cycles-4d-video-manual/tips-n-tricks/texture-and-bump-mapping/#1413
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    Maybe this will get you in the right direction. https://www.provideocoalition.com/xparticles-crown-splash/ ( the first option when you google "x-particles crown splash" )
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    set the particle display to circles and you will see the real size of them.
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    thanks, it will be fixed in the next version.
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    Hi, I have tweaked your file added a new emitter and default gravity. this should help you get into Grains. ill post it on Discord too. OV_snowball_02.c4d
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    Although his plugins are a few years old, we at INSYDIUM have been fortunate enough to receive the code from Dan’s family & friends. You can now use the full set of CD Tools in Cinema 4D R14 - R20 (R20 requires the INSYDIUM Bridge which is a free download from our website). You can download the tools free from our website. Please note that INSYDIUM does NOT offer any support for these tools. They are made available as a service to the community.
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    I found that the tutorial on strange attractors cloth simulation explains this process. Export out an alembic file and merge it back into your scene. At around the 50 minute mark its explained how to bake the cloth sim. Thnx for a great tut πŸ˜‰
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    @ilay looks like you have 2 bridge installs. you can have one in the CDtools root, however that will make all the plugins one long list, if you want each in its own folder then drop the bridge files per plugin, not both., hope that makes sense.
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    I'm sorry. I forgot, i comment them i add file, remove pdf extension, you get normal zip archive, open and replace files in CD Tools\CD_IKTools1.5\res\description only for R20 description.zip.pdf
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    Yes, the problem may well have been fixed in a later bridge version. Good idea to try that first.
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    Developers can contact us if they need any help.
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    just a for showing a different solution - if turbulence modifier has too much impact, try to use an animated noise/turbulence shader within a flow field which gives much more control cloth turbulence.c4d
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    Hi all, I have been working in a Cloth simulation with Xparticles, client wanted to have a cloth floating in the space with some turbulence, inside an animation of 1000 frames. The problem was that after 200-300 frames the turbulence deformation was too heavy, the current shape was broken and very different from the initial state. So I started to think how to constraint a cloth with their initial state, in order to avoid extreme deformation: - I duplicate the object at the current initial state of the cloth (current state to object and delete all tags). - Then I create a XpCover - All vertex (ordered) - Target mode (Cover mode won't work, don't know why, particles won't be affected by turbulence once they arrive their target vertex position, even if you deactivate the xpcover modifier) - Now, you are all set, just play with the acuteness of turn to get more subtle effect or stronger. Low values of 1-4% works really well in big high quality cloth shapes. Attached a simple scene that shows the whole system. Hope someone find this useful, all the best! Cheers Javier V xpCloth_Constraint-to-initialState.c4d
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    What have you personally managed to achieve when trying?
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    Welcome to INSYDIUM ONLINE - your community for all things X-Particles and Cycles 4D.
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    If its a custom GUI the bridge wont know about it. so something may not work as expected.
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    as characteristics are done within the emitter and not the solver, I think you can do a simple spawning setup to change from granular to fluid. Use spawn modifier with field/falloff melt.c4d
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    Hi, This isn't something currently possible, you can map density and the surface but it would be a good addition so I will pass it on. As a solution in the meantime, you may want to play with a freeze modifier being triggered by a trigger mod with falloff (and one to turn it off too). Or even an xpExplode with a similar setup where it'll come along and break apart the Grains. Cheers, Jon
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    check above there is a link for Discord we have had a channel running for some time now πŸ™‚
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