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    Hey together, I´m re-posting this over here as the old forum content can´t be accessed anymore. Here an approach to create stylized flames inspired by the animated movie Kung Fu Panda. Kung Fire_04_audio.mp4 This solution uses particle geometry to create alpha mattes in the shape of fire. The look arises combining multiple variations in compositing. So it is basically a 3D to 2,5 D approach. You can find the scene file over here. It should work across all XP versions and renderer engines. Kung-Fire_Scene_InsydiumLTD.c4d Cheers, Mario
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    Hi Guys Ill give you a little run down on whats happening. So first off scene scale is not in fact an issue what is the issue is simulation settings. @vicnorman you were on track with Gravity. whats happening is the particles are moving to fast due to the scene scale and the Gravity. If they move in steps greater than the SPH radius the simulation wont work. so things to look at are gravity speed and substeps lets have a look. Here's a scene with a real world sized glass and particle radius of .1 as you can see its not working as you expect it too. xpFluid_RealWorld_Scale_01.mp4 So lets change the gravity strength right down to 100. We get this much better already. xpFluid_RealWorld_Scale_02.mp4 Now we want to make it fill up more so lets do a couple of things. First increasing the particle radius will help fill a glass more. However that will make the solver more explosive so to combat that in the FluidFX object enable "Check Density" So in this scene we set the radius up to .4 And this is the result. xpFluid_RealWorld_Scale_03.mp4 One more thing to try out you may not need it is to increase the scene substeps in this iv increased it to 3. The result is a little more realistic. xpFluid_RealWorld_Scale_04.mp4 As you can see much closer to what you expect and still using the real world scene scales. Hope that helps.
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    you were on track with strange attractors 🙂 something like this. its a case of finding the right shape you want. strange attractors.c4d
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    somme tweaks later 🙂 ignition by infectioCY2.mp4
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    and another, maybe simpler approach using infetio. Same emitter settings, it needs fuel within physical data and 3 groups this time. Groups extended mode, starting one gets none the other two need fuel. Now take care the the infectio seed object gets a position within the fire that you want to use to ignite . A PSR constraint can do this job. As soon as the infect is started by contact with the seed object, it starts to burn now . ignition by infectio.c4d
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    Hey chaps, I´ve created a little sun & sky preset that dynamically changes direction and color temperature based on the light position. Download: Cycles4D_Physical-Sky-Rig_2019.c4d Here the runthrough: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NeQIRP_L983QFCDgQRLNz6TJjqeptzC9 Feel free to use and modify it to your own needs. Hope you like it. Cheers, Mario
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    there are some settings you have to change. 1) within xp dynamics tag uncheck update points to make it rigid body rather than softbody 2) within xp dynamics tag activate push and crank it up to 100 % 3) most vital - project settings -> xparticles -> substeps at least 2 and iterations 30 collisions 200 help with your file XP-Dynamics2.c4d
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    for this thing you should not use tendrils but dynamic splines though it is a bit more work to set up. Tendrils are a bit limited here. I eye-balled placement of splines, just too lazy to write an expresso that will put the splines onto the mid point of the platonic faces, same reason I did only 8 and not all faces, but will work with12 just the same. Principle is to pin dynamic splines to the object moving so spline point that is pinned needs to be same position or at least very close to the object point it is desired to be pinned to. Important on the spline dynamics : use constraints, low rigidity and check push on . For collision objects a decent subdivision is always welcome. Edit , just see one tendril is moving against travel direction within the lower part of path. To fix this, just raise friction for the obstacle to let´s say 15 . This will do to keep tendrils aligned with travel direction. carrion.c4d
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    Teknow is using r19. Whilst his scene works in r20, without caching the scene, it is not true in r19. When you don't cache you get no crown effect. The above by Martin explains why you do need to cache dynamics for final renders. So the altered work flow for final renders with dynamics is to cache dynamics - it also reduces render times as well. Below is rendered on R19 (i changed the hdri between the two renders) non cached Cached
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    all other unbiased render engines have added this feature and it is very useful and blender have light group for this
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    ok, first basic mistake - how could you expect particles to fill your logo after frame 150 if you set lifetime within emitter to be 100 +/- 30 ? That means between frame 70 and 130 all particles are dead 🙂 Next - if you want to change influence, groups are your friend. So let the emitter have 2 groups and start with first one only. This is the group that is set to be advected as well. Now you just have to ask for age and at frame 150 do a group change - I changed display to circles so you can see when it happens. This second group you changed to is a limiter for turbulence and cover mod which will catch the particles when released from advection by leaving group 1 ... Last thing to consider - you stop emission at frame 150 and after 150 frames you do a group change. This means at frame 300 which is the last of your scene frames last particle changes group to head on to the logo - no chance to reach it. If you watch the colours, you´ll see some of the particles have no or almost no speed when getting to the new group, so the won´t reach the logo as well with the particle speed option. I´d either use a speed mod restricted to group 2 with an acceleration and max speed limit or set the cover to be completed with x frames +/-y which makes it easy to calculate scene length needed as a minimum if you want all particles to be on the logo at last frame... So you´ll have to adapt my scene to your needs, but youl should understand the way to go by now 😉 Controlled Fluids_exploxsia-flowfield_Logo_lm.c4d
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    The Crown Splash tutorial by David Torno is really superb and I learned a ton from it. I ended up downloading his project file and he has put a load of work on extras in it. The controls are great. His rendered animation is especially beautiful. Here is the link: https://www.provideocoalition.com/xparticles-crown-splash/
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    Try increasing ray depths and bounces.
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    Have a look at c4d material manager -> Shaders. You´ll find xparticles material and xparticles gaseous. Xparticles material can be used on emitters, groups, trails ( or any other spline) . Gaseous can be used on EFX domain (though not as nice as cycles, it works). Use generators or sprites and you can use any c4d material on them to make things renderable.... Cycles supports xparticles very well and you can get effects that are not possible with standard or physical render, but is is not essential to have, just very useful 🙂
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    and a last hint - you can use a speed gradient as a visual reference after what age you should kill speed. Particle speed is set to be born at 0 speed. Then you can see acceleration by gravity and motion inheritance as they fall down. Now play with the particle age question to see them getting speed 0 again (which is necessary, if you don´t do that particles will slide along on the ground according to motion got from emitter movement) and being accelerated down again, this time by gravity only,... motion inheritance3.c4d
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    You can do that using a vertexmap generated by an EFX parameter. I have choosen fire here so it can spread out if you have enough fuel on the ignited particles. . The vertexmap is used to perform a group change. The emitter for the object to be ignited gets EFX source tag, some fuel and 2 groups, both set to extended mode. First group used gets no fuel, the other needs some. For the group change I use the vertexmap generated by the fire from the ring I move to he other object to take effect. As soon as the vertexmap indicates there is fire , group is changed to the group that has fuel - and this way it starts to burn. You can balance with pressure and fuel amount to cause the new burning particles cause more fire so it will spread out as vertexmap generation is not limited to an emitter but just fire , regardless where the fire comes from ... ignition.c4d
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    I've uploaded an example scene, that splits the cyEnvironment into an HDRI for lighting, and a background image for compositing. You need to use the Alpha Channel checkbox in Render Settings > Save to render with no background image so you can composite it in After Effects The key is to use a Mix Shader to split your background shader into the camera background and the lighting off camera view. You can't use cyEnvironment's "Controls Texture Rotation", so I've added a mapping node in Cycles4D HDRI_bg_setup_correct_upload.c4d Studio_06.tif
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    ok - a lot of things to correct. First thing to know, you can´t change a group from one emitter to another, only groups within one emitter. This is why the new meta group has been introduced as this guy can take groups from different emitters. So let´s delete emitter advect and give emitter normal the second group, emitter advect. . You want to start with group emitter normal, so set group mode to use first group only. Another thing that will not work - don´t stick particles to source object , this will be stronger than any advection. You could do if necessary (e.g. if you would go for an animated text) but then have to unstick action same moment you change group with is possible of course, but not necessary here, just set speed for both groups to be 0. Don´t know why, but explosia has been broken in your file, so I had to add a new one. But saw you did not set group advected to be advected in your version. If you want particles to keep the colour received when entering new group, you´ll have to turn down colour to 0% within advection tab... Edit, just another note , your material on the explosia doesn´t make sense to me. You want to advect particles, so you want to render these and not explosia simulation. So materials should go to emitter or groups instead ... advec_text_corrected.c4d
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    buoyancy is always working in y so you have to consider this and simply bank your camera 90 ° , you don´t need to hold it by hand 🙂 Very basic setup, but you can see the principle emitting collider2.c4d
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    that is not what I said 🙂 I said make object collider and cover object with particles which act as a source, like this : emitting collider.c4d I reduced all buoyancy so you can see object is working as a collider and still emits fire and smoke ...
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    One way of doing this is Questions or the other way is dynamics with a spawning emitter (upon collision) with a ExplosiaFX source tag. If you give the car body a collider tag, you can then stick the smoke to the car too . Scene file with bouncing ball hitting cube with a collider. The Questions way is more flexible smoke on collision test.c4d
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    even more crazy if you move that guy and add a copy as a collider 🙂 colour smoke3.mp4 colour smoke3.c4d
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    Yes, you can do that: But you do need a lot of vertices in the object to get that kind of resolution. The other thing is that this is what you see in the viewport. On render the noise will look quite different. To get round that, in the noise shader change the Space to UV (2D) and then it will look the same as the viewport when rendered.
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    Hey, here is a xp setup im experimenting with, please share if you do something cool with it. Iv shared a video on IG; https://www.instagram.com/andredeyoung/ and will upload a video on INSYDIUM ONLINE too. /Andre XP_worms_setup_01.c4d
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