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    Hey chaps, I´ve created a little sun & sky preset that dynamically changes direction and color temperature based on the light position. Download: Cycles4D_Physical-Sky-Rig_2019.c4d Here the runthrough: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NeQIRP_L983QFCDgQRLNz6TJjqeptzC9 Feel free to use and modify it to your own needs. Hope you like it. Cheers, Mario
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    Several issues in the file, 1: the pin tag has the correction deformer in as the object, thats a virtual object and has no points. Iv used the cyl for pinning object but iv added some thickness to it so it has enough points for cloth to use. Next the cloth. you have the emitter set to use a point selection but that selection doesnt cover all the object so that means no cloth in the section with no particles. So take the selection out and it will work like this.
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    You can download manuals from our website, go to Community->Cactus Dan Tools.
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    Hi, yes the priority within C4D causes the particles to stick one frame behind. To fix that I recommend to simply cache the emitter and offset the sim for one frame: Cheers, Mario
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    Hi Atif, to load a cachefile in a new scene the emitters and generators need to be named like the cached folders/files where your cache files are stored. Here an example: Cheers, Mario
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    FluidFX is the only grains solver so play with that set the grains in the emitter
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    or use the blender methode, shown here: https://insydium.ltd/support/video-manuals/cycles-4d-video-manual/tips-n-tricks/texture-and-bump-mapping/#1413
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