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    go to XPshatter selections again and activate outer faces there as well. Use outer faces tag on material for outer faces as a selection and inner faces tag on material for inner faces then. Looks it works a bit different than Cinema selections, you need to activate both and use them 😉
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    Hey all, I've been using x particles a long time but I am new to Xplosia. I have made a simulation and cached it. I am happy with the sim but i wanted to change a few settings. When i deleted the cache and WITHOUT CHANGING ANY SETTINGS, re cached it, the sim is now different. I did tests with this on a new project and it seems that there is a random seed every time to cache a simulation, even if you don't change any settings. Is it supposed to behave this way? If so, how am I supposed to art direct my scenes? If my art director likes my sim but wants to change it slightly, a new cache will completely change the simulation?
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    I used xpSpawn modifier with Q&Action. Splat_test1.c4d
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    Hello There, If you need object ID matte: select the Emitter (or any other objects) assign a cyObject tag on it -> in the "Object Compositing Setting" tab you'll find ObjectID counter. then in the Render Settings, Go to the "Render Elements" tab and check "Object IDs" under the "IDs" sub-tab. you good to go. If you just need an alpha on your render: go to render settings under Settings -> Film enable the "Transparent Background" checkbox. then save your renders with alpha.
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    @ShelleyG Our team are currently working on an updated video manual and we will let you know when this has been completed. The Help Manual has already been updated to reflect the new updates and features.
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    The INSYDIUM Forum is designed to bring our users together for help and community. The Forum is open 24/7. INSYDIUM members will be available at certain times, but the channel will not always be moderated. Please limit your comments in the room to relevant subjects, X-Particles, Cycles 4D, Cinema 4D. Forum Rules This Forum is NOT to be used for obtaining support from INSYDIUM. It is a a place for educational information and exchange of ideas only; it is not to be used for any official support, either Technical or Licensing. If you want other users to help with an issue, adding a scene file is very important - often, it is impossible to comment on a problem without a scene file to examine. You can attach images or files to your posts, but they are limited to 20MB in size (preferably smaller if possible please). Please abide by the Forum etiquette: Offensive language, remarks, or offensive jokes will not be tolerated. Offensive user nicknames are not permitted. We request all forum members to respect one another at all times. We expect Forum users to engage in meaningful, relevant and constructive discussion. Thanks, The Management
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