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    just want to say thank you for a long desired feature in Xparticles that I found today - finally we can break constraints by modifier. Simply great. Just a quick sample test: particles connect to fast spinning sphere upon collision and are released by negate mod falloff ... not possible before. slide_off.mp4
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    this I what I would do: Use 2 emitters. One on the grease object as you did and another one on the pipe where the grease should be distributed. (this way convert to polygons and use an appropriate selection as well). Now Cleaner tube gets a collider tag restricted to initial grease with no bounce and an invisible cylinder companion. Put a question for distance travelled for this emitter and activate a scale mod by this so this initial grease is vanishing while travelling on, being pushed by cleaning tube. Balance parameters to get all particles vanishing when cleaning tube has left pipe. The emitter on the pipe emits with 0 radius and gets a question " is inside object" and triggers scaling up when these particles are inside the invisible cylinder. This way cleaner tube seems to leave a trace of particles along the pipe... X_particles Grease test_LM.c4d
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    @ShelleyG Our team are currently working on an updated video manual and we will let you know when this has been completed. The Help Manual has already been updated to reflect the new updates and features.
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    I tried to copy the installation file of x-particles directly into the plug-in folder of Cinema 4D S22.016. It can read and recognize.Then I tried to make a simple crush and found some problems. 1. I'm creating an xpShatter to shatter the cube, but it will show some model interlacing errors that wouldn't be present at C4D R21. 2. I converted xpShatter to an editable object, I got A lot of gravel, I selected A chunk of gravel and Ctrl+A selected all the faces, the polygon disappeared.And then I try to box select all the faces, and then I do the reverse triangulation where the polygon disappears again.Then I tried to create the gravel in R21, then import it into R22, edit the polygon again, and the gravel disappeared. The attachment provides crushed gravel obtained using xpShatter in C4D S22 Hopefully it will be fixed in the new versionšŸ˜‰ test.c4d
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