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    Please see this: https://insydium.ltd/news/latest-news/r23-compatible/
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    You don't have to collapse the cloner. Just drop the cloner into an xpJoin object, put the collider tag on the xpJoin and you're good to go. The cloner is still fully directable but will work as a collider.
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    look at motion tracker, which will give you a series of nulls that you can use
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    dissipation and dispersion helps too
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    go to XPshatter selections again and activate outer faces there as well. Use outer faces tag on material for outer faces as a selection and inner faces tag on material for inner faces then. Looks it works a bit different than Cinema selections, you need to activate both and use them 😉
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    Hello There, If you need object ID matte: select the Emitter (or any other objects) assign a cyObject tag on it -> in the "Object Compositing Setting" tab you'll find ObjectID counter. then in the Render Settings, Go to the "Render Elements" tab and check "Object IDs" under the "IDs" sub-tab. you good to go. If you just need an alpha on your render: go to render settings under Settings -> Film enable the "Transparent Background" checkbox. then save your renders with alpha.
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    Same sentiment with @Bucktooth_Raven. Has this changed with recent updates to Cy4D? I badly need to exclude light from illuminating a specific object
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    Pipe your Texture Tag vector (or UV Map vector) through a Mapping node, you can scale down your mapping coordinates there
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    Hi, in the Cycles 4D shader presets you can find a "Glass Dispersion" shader that provides a few options to control refractive dispersion: After setting the IOR to 2.418 you can play with the Dispersion: In the rendersettings you´ll need to raise the Max Ray Bounces to have enough bounces within the geometry. This render was made using the Glass Dispersion shader: Cheers, Mario
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    a little trick I use for filling effects - use a scale modifier and map that over age to get a hight output rate - changed emitter output to hexagonal - use a small birth size and scale that over age to get a quick filling. You even get overflow here within 100 - 110 frames ... test fluidfx.c4d
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    Hiya Deniz! Thank you for taking the time to help out with this! I wouldn't be so sure that I know more about cycles - I often feel like I am stumbling around in the dark and occasionally bang into something! 😉 The mapping node often confuses me and it never occurred to me to animate it to compensate for the translation error. Your solution was clever and effective, thank you. Hopefully the missing object field will be added to the Texture Coordinates node in a future update - It is super helpful and in this use-case it 'just works' without having to mess around with mapping nodes 😉 Thanks again Deniz! -Benny
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    Hello Cycles Brainiacs - I'm trying to texture an object with two different shaders (think a neon sign tube where some of the tubing is covered with a black paint) and I'd like to drive the Fac on the Mix Shader using the position/orientation of a separate null layer. I'd like everything in front of the null to be glass and everything behind the null should be painted black. In Blender Cycles the effect is pretty easy using Object Field of the Texture Coordinates node. Unfortunately this field is missing from the Cycles4D and I'm at a loss for how to recreate the effect. I've had limited success using the Mapping Node's "Mapping From Object" field - as long as the objects don't rotate too much. Which is fine if my neon sign is facing down the positive-X, but if I try and move/rotate it elsewhere in the scene it all breaks. I've included a stripped down scene of the problem and a video of Cycles4D and Blender's Cycles to try and demonstrate the issue. Anyone have an idea for a workaround? Is the Object Field going to be exposed on the Texture Coordinates node in the future? Thanks! -Benny TexturePositionTest.c4d CyclesVsCycles4D_TextureProb.mp4
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    Hi BennyKops Firstly I want to say that your explanation and research is great. I think you know more than me about cycles. But I recognize that sometime some fine-tune is easy than thinking complex. I deal with your issue with some fin- tune on mapping node and timeline. TexturePositionTest_with_finetune.c4d
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    Pipe in a Cycles Gradient Texture node, then remap the colour with a color ramp. I added a Mapping node after generating the background UVs and rotated them 90° for an up down gradient, then piped this into the Gradient Texture node vector port. See the attached C4D file. You'll need to supply your own HDRI. TBH it's probably a better workflow to render with alpha and then composite your background in post, but this is obviously a bit quicker HDRI_bg_setup_gradient.c4d
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    Hello, I am trying to make a rather complicated material in cycles 4d. I wan to put a video as the surface for a part of an object I have. When i create an image texture and route it to the surface port, the mapping is very weird and I would like to know a proper way of doing it. If anyone can help with this issue, please let me know.
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    Hi everybody, I was wondering which steps are necessary to create foam on moving liquid, like that of the sea or river. Could anybody walk me through? Thanks!
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    How about this one? It's basically a one click process.
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    This isn't a problem with Cycles, the same thing will happen in the standard renderer - that is, if you try to render the current frame to the PV, it won't do so. This happens because when Cinema renders an image to the PV (but not to the viewport, and not in the RTP of Cycles) it clones the current document then renders the clone at the specified frame. In many cases this works fine but for many dynamic scenes what gets rendered depends very much on the previous frames; data will have been generated and updated in those previous frames that each succeeding frame needs. This frame will then alter the data for the next frame. If you try to render a single frame to the viewport there's no problem as you're rendering the document present in the editor and all the data has been generated and updated. But if you render that frame to the PV, it will not have that data and so what you will get is essentially whatever was on the starting frame of the animation. Try your scene with the standard or physical renderer, you will see the same result when rendering a single frame. The solution, if you want one specific frame to be rendered to the PV, is to render the frame sequence from the start to the one you want. Yes, it is a pain to have to do that but it's the result of how Maxon implemented the external renderer (which is what standard and physical are considered to be when rendering to PV and why it's easy to add multiple render engines to Cinema).
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    @salvame change Curve Type to 'Curve Segments', preferred Curve Shape and Subdivisions in Cycles 4D Render Settings.
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    @bentraje All materials you create are stored in Cinema 4D Material Manager, so you can save them with the scene. Some features are impossible to implement because of Cinema 4D itself. Also, you can save your materials to libraries within the Content Browser. You can save custom material as a group and load it in the new scene (RMB > Load Group). You can store all your custom groups in the Node Editor Nodes list and drag & drop when needed.
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    you need a mapping node and a texture coords node so you can define were the texture/video will be added
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    Cycles 4D - Early Access Update - Build 29
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    Because i cant edit my post. You need to up both the ray bounces and transparency depth, with glass you should always use hdr. I've included below a sample scene. If you save it out as a psd it will also have the alpha set for AE glass for forums.c4d
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    Handy tip - if you can't find help on Cycles 4D, it's worth searching for help on Blender Cycles Anyway, I did a quick search and found this post: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/105234-cycles-4d-color-coated-glass-final/
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    Hey chaps, I´ve created a little sun & sky preset that dynamically changes direction and color temperature based on the light position. Download: Cycles4D_Physical-Sky-Rig_2019.c4d Here the runthrough: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NeQIRP_L983QFCDgQRLNz6TJjqeptzC9 Feel free to use and modify it to your own needs. Hope you like it. Cheers, Mario
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