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    Hi Insydium 🙂 I dont know if its a good place to post it, but i wanted so say thanks that you are keeping to push xparticles. Without it there is a lot of stuff that just couldn't be done in a justifiable way in C4d. We recently finished a job where we used xpc as a basic crowdsim tool( and obviously some konfetti 😉 ) which i would like to share. One lesson from the job was that i do feel that there should be a more convenient way to select and manipulate particles by their id. I did have success with python, but it did seem so slow things down a bit. C4d R20, XPC, OC
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    Check out this tutorial/presentation and see if this is what you're looking for: Mario Phuc @ IBC2017 If the video doesn't start at the correct position, Data Mapping procedure starts at 16:14
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    Use a Color Ramp rather than a MixRGB, then you'll have fine control over the gradient. Customise the white and black levels with the Color Ramp rather than the IOR too
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    fine - if it is all or nothing should be no problem. Just do a random group change and this way you´ll get a distribution like this. This is a file I limited the period for decision from 10 to 50 frames by using stacked questions . So if older than 10 but less than 50 particles change group on a random basis which is equivalent to random indexed particles get full gravity and the others none. For different percentages that principle could be extended to more groups and several gravity modifiers ... random gravity.c4d
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    looks like passed - it is working 🙂 I have left in the generator change as well but not sure if this has been intended to be in, maybe an attempt by cbowyer to solve his problem, but did not of course. But could be meant as an optical signal for that emission and shape forming as well. It just does not contribute to the "spawn and spawns follow origin and form shape" problem at all - just to make clear. 😉
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    yes, but don´t forget to add all the constant nodes first within the expesso tags. Only the file in the last post of mine has set them as a sample. All open index entries have been resetted to 0 by saving the files I had to learn .... so they have to be fixed by wiring to constant nodes giving the correct values from 0 to 5 within the apropriate expresso tags ...
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    So this is going to sound crazy and I am definitely going to submit a bug report, you should as well. The window mapping is actually being based off the size of your real-time preview window. Change the aspect of your real-time preview window by increasing the size of your material area, you are basically trying to get rid of the grey overlay that shows up over your image in the real-time preview window. This will get you the results you are looking for. It does not affect the render, so as long as your render settings are correct the image would render out at the correct aspect ratio. Another way to see what is happening is to solo the window texture coordinate output and then start resizing your real-time preview window. Hope that helps!
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    you did not send a scene unfortunately, but most common reason - if you deactivate a modifier by question, you set it from independent to action controlled. This means you have to activate it by action as well as a first step. So as a first question ( sequence is importand !) put a question for age is greater than 0 and drag your modifier to the activate slot. Then as a second question put your stopping criteria and deactivate your modifier again. As an example, I start spawning and turbulence ( better seen than vorticity in this case) at frame 0, latter limited to group 1 ( only generating, not spawned particles) to make it more visible . When generating particles have travelled a distance of more than 150, turbulence stops and they continue on last heading and when they are 60 frames old, they stop spawning ... question handling.c4d
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    for this thing you should not use tendrils but dynamic splines though it is a bit more work to set up. Tendrils are a bit limited here. I eye-balled placement of splines, just too lazy to write an expresso that will put the splines onto the mid point of the platonic faces, same reason I did only 8 and not all faces, but will work with12 just the same. Principle is to pin dynamic splines to the object moving so spline point that is pinned needs to be same position or at least very close to the object point it is desired to be pinned to. Important on the spline dynamics : use constraints, low rigidity and check push on . For collision objects a decent subdivision is always welcome. Edit , just see one tendril is moving against travel direction within the lower part of path. To fix this, just raise friction for the obstacle to let´s say 15 . This will do to keep tendrils aligned with travel direction. carrion.c4d
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    you have to tell gravity modifier that it shall use gravity. Go to gravity mod -> mapping and add new map , strength to mass. Then you can adjust the curve it the behaviour should be linear, exponential or whatever. massmapping.c4d
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