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    Hey together, I´m re-posting this over here as the old forum content can´t be accessed anymore. Here an approach to create stylized flames inspired by the animated movie Kung Fu Panda. Kung Fire_04_audio.mp4 This solution uses particle geometry to create alpha mattes in the shape of fire. The look arises combining multiple variations in compositing. So it is basically a 3D to 2,5 D approach. You can find the scene file over here. It should work across all XP versions and renderer engines. Kung-Fire_Scene_InsydiumLTD.c4d Cheers, Mario
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    you were on track with strange attractors 🙂 something like this. its a case of finding the right shape you want. strange attractors.c4d
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    The Crown Splash tutorial by David Torno is really superb and I learned a ton from it. I ended up downloading his project file and he has put a load of work on extras in it. The controls are great. His rendered animation is especially beautiful. Here is the link: https://www.provideocoalition.com/xparticles-crown-splash/
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    Have a look at c4d material manager -> Shaders. You´ll find xparticles material and xparticles gaseous. Xparticles material can be used on emitters, groups, trails ( or any other spline) . Gaseous can be used on EFX domain (though not as nice as cycles, it works). Use generators or sprites and you can use any c4d material on them to make things renderable.... Cycles supports xparticles very well and you can get effects that are not possible with standard or physical render, but is is not essential to have, just very useful 🙂
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    and a last hint - you can use a speed gradient as a visual reference after what age you should kill speed. Particle speed is set to be born at 0 speed. Then you can see acceleration by gravity and motion inheritance as they fall down. Now play with the particle age question to see them getting speed 0 again (which is necessary, if you don´t do that particles will slide along on the ground according to motion got from emitter movement) and being accelerated down again, this time by gravity only,... motion inheritance3.c4d
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    somme tweaks later 🙂 ignition by infectioCY2.mp4
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    and another, maybe simpler approach using infetio. Same emitter settings, it needs fuel within physical data and 3 groups this time. Groups extended mode, starting one gets none the other two need fuel. Now take care the the infectio seed object gets a position within the fire that you want to use to ignite . A PSR constraint can do this job. As soon as the infect is started by contact with the seed object, it starts to burn now . ignition by infectio.c4d
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    You can do that using a vertexmap generated by an EFX parameter. I have choosen fire here so it can spread out if you have enough fuel on the ignited particles. . The vertexmap is used to perform a group change. The emitter for the object to be ignited gets EFX source tag, some fuel and 2 groups, both set to extended mode. First group used gets no fuel, the other needs some. For the group change I use the vertexmap generated by the fire from the ring I move to he other object to take effect. As soon as the vertexmap indicates there is fire , group is changed to the group that has fuel - and this way it starts to burn. You can balance with pressure and fuel amount to cause the new burning particles cause more fire so it will spread out as vertexmap generation is not limited to an emitter but just fire , regardless where the fire comes from ... ignition.c4d
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    I've been trying to do a fairly simple suryp like simulation in several versions of xaprticles (its a client request that pops up every now and then) and failing every time. I was really hoping that this would get easier with every new version of xparticles but I just cant get it. The problem is that I like to work in real world scale, and Im working with product shots so most of the time im dealing with objects that are just a few centimeters tall. Right now Ive got an ice cream that needs to have suryp poured over it and the scale of the project seems to be throwing x particles way off. Xparticles just doesn't act the same wit small values. first, I need a small stream of liquids som my emitter is .2 cm with emission set to hexagonal and a particle radius of .008 cm. I'd like to have a much more dense particle stream but lowering the particle radius more just slows down the sim to a grinding halt and doesnt seem to generate a whole lot more particles. normal gravity at this scale makes particles move way too fast so I set to about 500 cm. Doesnt seem optimal Viscosity is set to max value in xpConstraints and FLuidPBD, but still doesnt really do the trick. Now I've followed som tutorials on simple viscous fluids and with "standard" scales everything changes and seems to work much more as expected. I can get much denser particle streams and really viscous simulations that compute much much faster with emitter that have a 10-20 cm radius, interacting with objects that are 100 cm's tall for example. Why is this and whats the solution? Do I have to scale everything up? Seems really counterintuitive, and since I'm rendering with Redshift, is gonna throw everything else off.
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    yes, works for me, but not easy to control as forces have a good deal of impact to the springs. Rigidity has to be low or 0, constraints should be used.
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    just use a physical modifier to provide fuel needed. This way you can determine by question/action when ignition will take place. I have chosen age, but may be anything, distance travelled etc. Used another thing with that setup - a mapping fuel to time in modifier. As there is a constant growth of particles , it might make sense to limit burning ones. This takes care that they start to burn when criteria for getting fuel is reached, then after being specified time in the modifier burning, their fuel is cut off and they burn out while new ones reach criteria and start... delayed ignition.c4d
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    to avoid that there is a simple solution. Just check "only modifiers same System" on each of the system objects. I checked "only deformers same system " as well just as a precautionary measure, didn´t check if you used any ...
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    Try increasing ray depths and bounces.
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    Just see setting priority for the constraint to generators could help in addition motion inheritance2.c4d
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    Wowwww, thanks a million. this is exactly what I was referring to.
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    if a matrix is involved it gets possible as I can get ids from that. Emitter´s editor and render outputs are synced to make sure you get what you see and output can be set in Emitter Editor birthrate. Now you can get positions of all matrix members and feed this into corresponding xparticles positions. So no xp emission from anything but just sync birthrate and set the positions to these corresponding matrix particle has ... stick to source.c4d
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    I always forget - for a nice spread out you have to lower threshold and maybe random probability within change group modifier ... ignition.c4d
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    go to source tag of the plane and uncheck solid
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    there is a trigger action modifier for this. Use it with a falloff and as an action put unstick particles. The attractor is just to avoid particles penetrate that cube when getting unstuck. They are forced outward before they set coarse to fill the sphere.. unstick particles.c4d
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    When asking for help in this forum please remember that it is extremely helpful to anyone who might want to answer that you post a scene file to demonstrate what the problem is (unless that would be of no use in the given context). Unfortunately, experience shows that queries without a scene file are much less likely to be answered because it takes too much time to create a file to try to reproduce the issue. Please note that screenshots are not an adequate substitute for a file though by all means include them as well as a scene file if you wish. Many thanks, The Management
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    Just to clarify, the original XP used percentage variations but the overwhelming opinion of users was to switch to absolute values as it is now. So we listened to our users and changed them all. There is no setting to switch between actual values and percentages I’m afraid.
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    ok - a lot of things to correct. First thing to know, you can´t change a group from one emitter to another, only groups within one emitter. This is why the new meta group has been introduced as this guy can take groups from different emitters. So let´s delete emitter advect and give emitter normal the second group, emitter advect. . You want to start with group emitter normal, so set group mode to use first group only. Another thing that will not work - don´t stick particles to source object , this will be stronger than any advection. You could do if necessary (e.g. if you would go for an animated text) but then have to unstick action same moment you change group with is possible of course, but not necessary here, just set speed for both groups to be 0. Don´t know why, but explosia has been broken in your file, so I had to add a new one. But saw you did not set group advected to be advected in your version. If you want particles to keep the colour received when entering new group, you´ll have to turn down colour to 0% within advection tab... Edit, just another note , your material on the explosia doesn´t make sense to me. You want to advect particles, so you want to render these and not explosia simulation. So materials should go to emitter or groups instead ... advec_text_corrected.c4d
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    One way of doing this is Questions or the other way is dynamics with a spawning emitter (upon collision) with a ExplosiaFX source tag. If you give the car body a collider tag, you can then stick the smoke to the car too . Scene file with bouncing ball hitting cube with a collider. The Questions way is more flexible smoke on collision test.c4d
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    Cycles 4D Early Access now enables the "Point Density Texture" to automatically recognize X-Particles Explosia FX by applying the shader. This enables to quickly switch between Cycles 4D EFX Volume presets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n-LRrU3zLs Here the testfile: Cy4D_02_Explosia_Native_Support_0001.c4d Cheers, Mario
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    two things I would try to change: 1) from rate go to hexagonal output 2) even more important - in project settings rise subframe steps and iterations pics - first default settings, second subdivisions 4 and iterations 6, third, hex output with same project settings
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