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    Not directly using a cover mod, you can only have one mode working at a time. But you can do it with groups, see the attached file - should be self-explanatory. c4d240_xpCover_operation_all_poly_nearest_surface_fixed.c4d
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    ok, not yet perfect but hopefully gets you a starting point. Here is how it works. 1) fill your plane with your foam particles - used a texture fill to get a nice bottom to top filling. 2) upon sticking, I´m spawning into another emitter - some distance required to avoid conflict with collision tag. This way I have particles at 0 speed (as set) and unstuck on covered object. 3) Now I can use a third emitter to swap away the spawned particles by using a flowfield based on this particles. Take care to exclude flowfield from this generating emitter ! it needs particles into the forcefield from the very beginning, so I just emit and restrict life to 1 frame from beginning to a point when swap away should start. Then it is set to a sufficient age by question for current time. You can key that as well. Same reason I make the vdb mesher invisible till needed. Everything is separated by groups to keep tight control ... fill and swap away.c4d Edit : if you just want to kill them and not float way, just put a question for speed to the Emitter on object and kill them reaching a specified speed. Low values like 10 will kill them almost at once and something like 150 will start them flow away and then vanish reaching this speed. You can balance that at your liking of course.
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    Reduce the Tolerance setting in the cover mod, that's what it's for (see the manual page). In this case about 2.5 units seems about right. NB please don't upload files to dropbox, you should be able to upload them directly here.
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    And here is a version with one emitter - so you can see how to set up the appropriate questions. Key is, you have to start first cover with a question - frame >0 to make everything action controlled (particle cover sphere question). But it´s more tricky 🙂 Problem - you want alignment to travel direction while flying and surface alignment upon landing. But there is an axis problem. Alignment to surface normal requires Z axis up - but that causes wrong orientation while travelling towards target if you choose tangential orientation within emitter which would be preferable. So you have to orientate butterfly´s z-axis up and set rotation for emitter to fixed value to get correct attitude while flying towards first target. Whenever you like you can release the butterflies from first target. I have choosen another question for age (cover sphere.1 question) this one terminates cover mod and same time activates a limited (by field/falloff) Attractor that pushes the butterflies away from the first target. but now they would travel orientated as alignment has been - not desirable. So there is a spin mod limited by field/falloff not to interfer with nex alignment procedure activated same time that orientates them back to travel direction and last another cover mod is activated to provide a new target to travel to ... butterfly2.c4d
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    Thank you for the kind remarks. You have no idea how much that's appreciated. We aren't some faceless corporate, just a bunch of folks trying to do their best under pretty difficult circumstances - which is true for everyone, of course. All good wishes, Steve
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    Ok I just figured out my own issue, haha. You need to have the whole system selected for the export to work, I was just selecting this xpTrail object. Best!!
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    Sorry, cannot say. But you should not rely on MS task manager. Mine would just not show any workload on my second gpu no matter how hard it rendered. That said MSI Afterburner shows it all. For those of you with ignominious multi GPU (I run GTX 970 with RTX 2070): I found that most of the time rendering my 2070 was idle waiting for the 970 to finish its bucket before starting the next bucket itself. For me the trick was to NOT setting the bucket size as large as possible but really small. With 32x32 my 2070 almost has no waiting idle time anymore. And despite all info out there in the web: even with only one card running smaller bucket sizes gave me performance plus of maybe 7-10% (on both the 970 and 2070). Cheers Rembert
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    there seems to be a problem with cache, disable cache and it will render fine ...
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    Hi, a quick and very solid solution to smooth out OVDB meshes besides of filtering is adding a "Smoothing" object: Best, Mario
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    Having looked at it again, I don't think you can do this with Xpresso after all. But I have found a possible alternative. It doesn't change materials but it does change shaders depending on speed. You can use a multishader with as many shaders as required, then set the particle colour to be a greyscale value which is a parameter-dependent gradient. That's the best I can come up with. See the attached file for an example. material_by_speed.c4d
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    If you do it that way, from recollection the index is always 0, so what you will always get is the speed for the particle with index 0. Try adding an XP iterator node - you need to connect the xpEmitter node Object output to the Emitter input of the iterator node then connect the Index output of the iterator node into the Index input of the get particle data node. The manual has a screenshot of using the iterator node you could refer to. This will iterate through all the particles and pass their speed to wherever you need it.
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    Hey Guys, It seems i couldn't let it go.... Basically im trying to get a bit of a grasp on XP performance on different systems and how that influences one another. I took 6 scenes and am testing them on several setups i have around here. Now what im missing is some CPU's with insane amount of cores that are kinda slow :P obviously the more the merrier. Let me know if there is a scene im really missing out on, or if you think im missing out on somethign alltogether. See results so far, or add your own in this sheet. (files also linked in there.) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dXY3Br8TL2JqL_C0QIYrdNGP7nQPZLrHGR6fj2jHZdI/edit?usp=sharing
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