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    We are currently working on implementing GPU support within X-Particles and this will be made available in 2021. At the current time, we are unable to provide any further information or a specific date.
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    You need the latest build of XP/Cycles, which you can download from your customer account. This includes a version of the bridge to work with R23. You do need active maintenance to be able to download the latest version of course. Steve
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    A polite +1 that xpDynamics/xpShatter workflow could use more work. 1. It doesn't make sense to me that a push is needed? Is that the same as an collision? It makes the shards blow/push apart in a way that doesn't look natural. 2. The performance make it impossible for me to use it. If, in the attached scene, I turn on the Spawn Points on my xpShatter the simulation gets to slow to use. Not 100 % sure if I'm doing something wrong or if this is simply the performance to be expected. Thanks, Jakob shatter_sphere.c4d
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    XPDynamics it's totally useless..you can also delete it if it doesn't work well ... the cache doesn't work too .. the modifiers don't work (for example xpSpin) ..... !!!!!!!!!
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    Hey Guys, It seems i couldn't let it go.... Basically im trying to get a bit of a grasp on XP performance on different systems and how that influences one another. I took 6 scenes and am testing them on several setups i have around here. Now what im missing is some CPU's with insane amount of cores that are kinda slow :P obviously the more the merrier. Let me know if there is a scene im really missing out on, or if you think im missing out on somethign alltogether. See results so far, or add your own in this sheet. (files also linked in there.) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dXY3Br8TL2JqL_C0QIYrdNGP7nQPZLrHGR6fj2jHZdI/edit?usp=sharing
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    Hi Bentraje, I think we all are sharing the same frustrations, and it seems that Insydium doesn't talk much about it. The collisions are very inaccurate AND heavy in all my tests, probably something for the future but definitely not now.
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    Hi, Is there a way I can use a native c4d rigid body with xpShatter? The reason is xpShatter with xpDynamics with Collision is terribly slow (or do you know any known optimization with it?). xpShatter with native Dynamics with collision runs almost real-time. However, with the latter set-up, I can no longer manipulate the particles affected by the native dynamics. So, is there a way to use Native C4D Rigid Body with xpShatter and still manipulate particles? Thank you for looking at my problem.
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    Hi, I have this sphere with xpDynamics. There are also xpShatter with xpGravity in the scene. The sphere doesn't drop. But when I add a separate emitter. It does. Can someone confirm if xpShatter needs to have a separate emitter to be affected by xpDynamics? The reason is xpShatter with the separate emitter with collision is terribly slow. Are there any known alternative workflow? Thank you for looking at my problem.
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    Chiming in kinda late, but I was having this exact issue on my Windows machine that's definitely capable. i9 9900x 4.7 on 10 cores, 64gb 3200 cl14 ram, 2x 2080tis. I opened a support ticket with Insydium and they got back to me promptly. Turned out it was due to Acronis running some sort of "Real Time Protection" in the background. When I turned that off, I was getting silky smooth eXplosia sims. It should definitely be running fine on your machine since I tested it on the old/slow 2013 Xeon MacPros at the studio and was getting smooth playback. Not sure what else you have possibly running in the background of your system, real-time backup of any sort maybe, might be worth a check. Acronis wasn't showing any cpu usage at all, but was somehow causing sims to chug like yours 1-5fps max, unable to cache. Open a ticket with them and they may be able to point you in the right direction as they did for me. Good luck!
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    @Richard Riegel Your xpEmitter > Extended Data > Physical Data > Mass is set to 0. If you set it to 1 (default) fluids will work as expected.
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    there are some settings you have to change. 1) within xp dynamics tag uncheck update points to make it rigid body rather than softbody 2) within xp dynamics tag activate push and crank it up to 100 % 3) most vital - project settings -> xparticles -> substeps at least 2 and iterations 30 collisions 200 help with your file XP-Dynamics2.c4d
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