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  2. dimitroleykin

    xpVertexMap with noise texture

    Amazing tip! I couldn't find a solution for that. Thank you very much!
  3. Steve Pedler

    xpVertexMap with noise texture

    Yes, you can do that: But you do need a lot of vertices in the object to get that kind of resolution. The other thing is that this is what you see in the viewport. On render the noise will look quite different. To get round that, in the noise shader change the Space to UV (2D) and then it will look the same as the viewport when rendered.
  4. Hi! Could you help me find a solution! Is there any way to match Noise and VertexMap patterns by using xpVertexMap?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Bucktooth_Raven

    Link Cy4D with xPresso

    Hello forum, I like making little XPresso rigs to speed up workflow. Right now I'm trying to make an infinite floor rig. I'm trying to put a colour picker on the user data applied to my rig null. I then use xpresso to drive the object colour of my floor disk, and then use a cy4d attribute tag to change cycles material applied to the floor through attribute node. The problem I'm having is the set up I have for cy environment. I can figure out how to do two things. 1. have a link field on my rig user date to drop in an HDR image 2. Link the colour on the user data to drive the environment BG colour. I attached a file to take a look at. The BG material is set up based off a post I found on doing a split bg. The first set of nodes loads a HDR image to light the scene but then the second node cluster is the background colour. On the environment node I want to use a colour instead of an image. Its this colour info I want to get to through my xpresso. Hope I explained this well enough. Thnx. -- dang it, I see zip files not accepted. The C4D file will have a missing texture image link then as an FYI Infinite_Background.c4d
  7. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm just getting started with ExplosiaFX, and while it's mostly intuitive, there are a few things that are confusing to me. The documentation is pretty brief in parts. Can someone explain in leyman's terms the difference between Fuel/Heat/temperature, and their contribution to the simulation? Coming from TFD, I have a little undestanding, but it seems things are a little different here. From what I know (In TFD), fuel is useful for creating both smoke and fire together, and if you want to create fire independently, you would use temperature, but XP doesn't emit temperature, so is heat another term for that? If so why can you emit heat, but not display it, and only temperature? To add to the confusion, in the material settings, you can add fire to temperature/ fuel or fire. So where does this fire parameter all of a sudden come from? If I turn down the heat emission to 0% and use fuel at 100%, the heat parameters still apply, so i'm assuming fuel emits heat too independent of the heat emission parameter. I Would also like to know the effects of the burning settings in the simulation tab have on the simulation? It seems to me the terminology needs to be a bit more uniformed, but maybe my lack of understanding is the main issue, and hoping someone can help clarify. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys
  8. Last week
  9. shyukin

    explosia cache

    hey guys, is it possible to cache each explosia object separately? i have a scene where i need to mix 2 volumes, however, when i cache it, it merges them together into 1 VDB sequence and i can't access the color info of the separate volumes.
  10. ariexietrotiv

    Noisy Extruder Styles

    I reached an interesting result so I'm going to share the file in case someone has the same doubt. It's nothing special but hope it can help. Cheers XP_3_5_NOISY_EXTRUDER_STYLES_003.c4d
  11. Felix

    More Cores or Clock Speed?

    Hi, I am also interested in this, because I will get a new machine during the year (right now waiting for ryzen3 to see if they are really that good) But back to performance. As I understood, it is a mixture you need. The simulation itself is multi threaded, but the viewport performance of C4D is single clock speed in combination with graphic performance. But as said before, I am not a expert on this. So would be interesting to get more information on that.
  12. I found the reason. I forgot to cache particle, my fault. sorry.
  13. Hi, I got a very strange problem today. the particle position is correct in RT preview. but it's wrong in render. why ? RT preview render
  14. how can I get this flower with Xparticles? I asked author and he said he just use sphere and turbulence.VDBmesher of course. but I cant get this effect even a bit.
  15. Mrheydu

    xpBranch bug

    Hey guys, I was working trying to use the xpBranch. Once I add a xpSub-branch it does nothing. The few examples I have seen showed something should be already happening but there's no branching. I'm on 3.5, is this a known issue? C4D & X-Particles TUTORIAL - Procedural Growing Frost.c4d
  16. ariexietrotiv

    Noisy Extruder Styles

    Hello everyone. I've posted this question on the discord channel so I'm sorry if I shouldn't duplicate questions. I was trying to replicate this tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1-BBi4TGQM&ab_channel=FXHIVEEVOLUTION) in R20 but I'm not being able to create the same effect using fields. The part that I'm having difficulties is when I'm trying to use two scale modifiers (in & out) with the xpnoisefalloff. I've been thinking if the problem is regarding the shape option that in R19 we have. Because it's ray of action is defined by the vibrate tag and since in the R20 we don't have the option of defining a shape, perhaps the problem is in that. Just saying. Cheers and thanks in advance. XP_3_5_NOISY_EXTRUDER_STYLES_001.c4d
  17. Mohamed Sakr

    1080ti VS 2080ti

    EA should work with RTX 2080 Ti
  18. Sagun

    License seats count reached

    somebody pls help quick 😢
  19. Sagun

    1080ti VS 2080ti

    Is it working in RTX 2080 Ti ? ?
  20. This is so frustrating. :( My cinema 4d r20 crashed and won't start up. I don't remember which exact version of update. Now there is no way I can install the same exact version that I was using and go to the cycles4d settings and do "Release lic" . MY lic is stuck !!! I try to open from c4d r19. it says lic seat count reached.. !!! :( PLEASE HELP QUICK !!!
  21. Pixeldisfunction


    Hi All I am trying to use the xpExplosiaFX with Arnold , but is not working. any step or tips i could get to sor this out please ? I just have a container xpExplosiaFX and the xpExplosiaFX source on my object. and applied the gageous shader as well in the emitter. Thank you!
  22. Mohamed Sakr


    any curve object needs a cyCurve tag to get rendered. does that help?
  23. Hi, I was following this tutorial at 3:10, and am trying to use cycles4d for the material of the tracer object, and cant get it to work. Need help, new user. Thanks and
  24. Sorry to ask something so dry, seems like a question that must have been asked a hundred times but I have honestly searched for this but not found much. Can anyone clear up if xP performs better at higher clock rates or more cores? I understand xP is multi threaded so i'm guessing more cores but I just need to check as I have to hire a machine today.. Thanks
  25. Fauna

    Colliders in domains..?

    Hey Lothar, Thanks for this! Yeah I was using collidertag and not having any luck. Ran quick test in a stripped down scene and obviously worked fine. I still don't really have my main scene responding properly but seems to have improved with more subframe . I think it's a just large particle count and PLA animated collider objects that it doesn't like. Will keep plugging away for now, perhaps i'll strip it down and post up a scene file this afternoon - if anyone has a moment to see what i'm doing wrong then would be much appreciated! 😉
  26. Pixl_Pyro

    Making a Rocket Burn

    I'm trying to make a rocket fuel-type burn for a video. I've messed with the pressure and heat and all the other settings but the best way I can get the fire to shoot downward is with a really powerful xpWind object. I've attached a video. Any ideas on how to get the simulation to shoot out of a source that can be pointed in any direction? Thanks! RocketFlameTest_v01.mp4
  27. Hello! I have a problem with generated object's collision with plane. Scene is easy: emitter with falling particles and generated petals. All falls on water surface. How to make it falls with petals geometry? It looks now like falling spheres, system is igmoring generated mesh! Petals falls and doesn't react! Thanks!
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