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  2. andredeyoung

    xp worm setup

    check out c4d project in xp comunity uploads

    © andre de young

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  4. Hey, here is a xp setup im experimenting with, please share if you do something cool with it. Iv shared a video on IG; https://www.instagram.com/andredeyoung/ and will upload a video on INSYDIUM ONLINE too. /Andre XP_worms_setup_01.c4d
  5. Thanks for trying to help. I meant moving it to a different coordinate in the scene. I appreciate you trying to help, though.
  6. set the particle display to circles and you will see the real size of them.
  7. Mike Batchelor

    Explosia from Emitter

    sure just give the particles some physical properties EG temp fuel etc,
  8. RuckusShine

    Coin Simulation problem

    So I'm trying to make a simulation filling a floor with gold coins. The problem I'm having is that some coins, no matter how narrow they are, are landing and staying upright and not touching other coins in many instances. I'm using xpPPCollisions, an xpGenerator for the coins and I believe I'm supposed to use regular rigid body tags and of course colliders. But I may be wrong. Before I added the other dynamics tags, they were just falling in a line and sticking upright instead of falling down mostly even with rotation turned on and tangential selected. Lastly, when I did higher emitter counts, to make the coins "pile up" it was like there was a level of coins floating above the rest and many just kept spinning with again, ample space between them. I'm attaching some screenshots and a project file. Really finding difficulty in all the coins resting flat and on each other (a lot of space between the coins). Used high calculations on both the x-particles settings in the project setting as well as dynamics but I may be overdoing it so I need some assistance optimizing all this as well. Any help is greatly appreciated. This is driving me nuts, lol! Coin Test.c4d
  9. Not too sure about transforming or moving (as in coordinates) is possible, but if you mean moving the playback (start earlier or later) you can maybe check out the "playback" tab on the cache object which is a submenu of the "object" tab next to "build." There is also some other options in that menu that I haven't played with yet that may help. Still a newbie myself so I hope this help.
  10. Yesterday
  11. There is a wealth of knnowledge in your old forum content. Is there archive for that somewhere? many thanks
  12. Hello! I am having the hardest time finding out how to do something I think is a simple request... I have a cached sim. It happens at the center of the scene. I want to move the cached sim to somewhere else in my scene without having to re-simulate and re-cache. When I move the cache (or the emitter, for that matter) nothing happens. It stays right where it was. Is there something I am missing here? Any hints or comments would be very helpful. Thank you! Perry
  13. acf

    Explosia from Emitter

    Is it possible to use an emitter to spawn explosia fx ? I see a lot of tutorials that use an object ( sphere ) but I would like to use an emitter as the source and create little puffs of smoke using pulse or shot. Is this possible ?
  14. southarena

    ClothFX following a path/spline

    Hi guys, Is there a way to animate this clothFX along a spline somehow ? I tried using a spline wrap on the plane itself but it does not seem to work. I only get the initial state, not the animated deformation. Any suggestions ? :) Thx.
  15. bartjeeh

    Hardware requirements

    yeah i kinda expected something like that 😛 thanks anyhow! will not upgrade then as it doesn't seem to be worth it.
  16. Last week
  17. dino

    render xp cloth octane

    Hi to all , im a new user and not to skilled in xparticle. i have a cloth with xp , the resul with octane viewer it is ok, but when i try to render with c4d to pictures view the result is different. how can i do ? someone who help me? thanks a lot , Dino
  18. fealmeida76

    How to apply correct normal map?

    Hi Dave it works!! Thanks very much
  19. Dave

    How to apply correct normal map?

    No problem. Another thing is your normal map image texture node should be set to "Non-Color Data"
  20. fealmeida76

    How to apply correct normal map?

    Hi Dave, thanks for reply, I swap bump to normal, but something wrong. I don't know why normal map can't change the surface correctly.
  21. Anyone else lost the Alpha Gradient check box from the Color Ramp node? I cannot find it since moving to the Early Access update.
  22. Hello to all. Such a problem. During animation particles are not attached to the object edges. This is a standard scene of the Insydium Content collection. Thank you in advance.
  23. Dave

    How to apply correct normal map?

    Use the Normal Map node rather than the Bump node. The bump node is for black and white bump/height maps
  24. Is it correct apply normal map like my image? I don't know if is necessary bump or another tag. Thanks!
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  26. Ollie Hooper

    Weighting cloth

    Amazing, that's it. Thanks so much, Mike!! 👊
  27. Steve Pedler

    Hardware requirements

    I'm sorry, I can't give you anything more I'm afraid. It's not possible to make hardware recommendations, there are simply too many variables - CPU speed, number of cores, amount and speed of RAM, and so on. And the hardware affects different parts of XP differently - whether more cores or higher CPU speeds are better will vary depending on what you are doing. We have a very wide variety of systems that we've tested and the only conclusion we can come to is that it's not possible for us to advise on hardware. That's why I emphasised this was a purely personal opinion and definitely not an Insydium recommendation.
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