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  2. Hello friends I was trying to simulate the exact smoke you see in the reference video file, but I was always ending up with undesired results. I will spare you the details, but this is the kind of smoke that is generated by burning Diesel fuel inside a portable devise, it is very white to the extend we think it emits light like a reflector. My job is to make this smoke static but living in the same time, means not to leave the frame or touch the talent. Of course what matters most for me is the realism and the rendering quality Any help or guidelines will be appreciated, sorry if this looks very newbie for you Best RIV_PL19_003.mp4
  3. no, sorry, don´t have Redshift, but I can´t imagine is has something to do with that. I see in viewport executing that last command - trail is 0 -> kill particle is done. Xparticle vanishes, so it should have been gone for redshift as well ...
  4. Last week
  5. teknow

    White Specks on Render

    You are right! When I turned off Specular and Clearcoat in my Cycles material they went away and thank heaven no need for increased samples. Thank you
  6. krustylicious

    White Specks on Render

    The white specs on the meshed object are specular highlights (unless i'm missing something)
  7. franktjepkema

    Trail to continue after lifespan particle over

    One more question, the last command: "Trails mod has an action tab on 0 length - put in an action to change life and kill particle when trail is 0 length." Seems to have trouble affecting Redshift particles? Any ideas?
  8. franktjepkema

    Trail to continue after lifespan particle over

    Worked like a charm 🙂
  9. ariexietrotiv

    Xplosia Shockwave like Mario at FMX

    Have you checked the files in the content repository? You will find one file that talks about the scale of the sim
  10. franktjepkema

    Trail to continue after lifespan particle over

    Thanks for the quick reply, will try it... Haven't worked with questions answers yet...
  11. instead of a lifespan, set a question for age. When this age is reached, freeze particles. This keeps trail at full length. Set another question for particle being frozen and activate a trails mod with shrink option by this. Now trail is shrinking frame by frame. Trails mod has an action tab on 0 length - put in an action to change life and kill particle when trail is 0 length. shrink trail.c4d
  12. Hi all, when the lifespan of a particle is over, the trail immediatly dissapears, under standard settings. Is there a way to have the trail continue all the way to the point where the particle died? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I am trying to replicate the Explosia Shockwave effect as demonstrated here But my results lack a general detail in resolution. I have made the Voxel size 2, even then I don't get detail in the Shockwave . I am rendering it in Octane, after exporting the cache as OpenVDb file. Can someone guide me as to how I can get really detailed smoke and more tendril like endings? Thanks
  14. Are the white specks because 20 Samples is not enough or is there some other setting I should be doing? Controlled Fluids 1.c4d
  15. teknow

    Delay Ignition of Particles?

    He's a huge plus for this message area and he really knows his stuff.
  16. helloimneilhell

    Delay Ignition of Particles?

    @jayrothCould not agree with this sentiment more!
  17. jayroth

    Delay Ignition of Particles?

    That's fantastic! Isn't Lothar amazing? He should get an award for service to the Maxon and Insydium community or something...
  18. darkenergymedia


    i came here to say the same thing - followed along verbatim with the xpReel tut on the water helix, following the helix spline, but my xplosia sim is not affected by the flow field at all. certainly not to the degree that it is in the tutorial. did something change? or am i missing something?
  19. Steve Pedler

    stepping and lagging particles

  20. Lothar

    Spawn particles scale

    you can do so. Be sure to use groups for this. I set the emitter spawn every 25 frames. Scaling is limited to this emitter by its group. Within spawning mod -> inherit tag, radius (which is scaled ) is ticked. Now you get spawns from current radius size which are not scaled down as this is limited to the group of the originating emitter only 😉 spawn.c4d
  21. FullHPetrol


    I absolutely agree! This is my number one request. ANd the best part would be multi GPU usage (TurbulenceFD knows how to work only with a single GPU)
  22. mforghieri


    i also agree, gpu accelerated simulations is what xparticles needs to become a real production tool!
  23. Samuel Lim

    Spawn particles scale

    Need help setting this. I have a main emitter emit particles that scale down overtime by age, while spawning. Anywhere I can inherit the scale from the main particles at the current frame? MAXON CINEMA 4D 2019.06.20 -
  24. Hello, I came across an issue with X-Particle Plugin. I have a 3d mouse "3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro" and the plugin appears to comflict with this equipment - the viewport lags significantly rendering the device unusable. To ensure the problem lies with the plugin, I made a fresh install and manually added all the plugins I have one by one and on X-Particle Plugin the issue appeared. As soon as I remove the folder, the issue is gone. This issue started with R20, previously X-Particles+R19 had no adverse effect on 3d nouse. I've already contacter the vendor and C4D developers, and they both assures there were no problems. Now that I finally located the problem, I want to resolve it! I'm willing to provide additional information for this issue to be resolved ASAP.
  25. Wolf Soujon

    Team Render does not recognize Cycles plugin

    mhh… I'm new to this forum and havent't figured out yet, how to edit my own post. Anyway. I found out what was missing - the Microsoft vcredist_x64. Fresh Windows 10 Installation and only R19 on it. Installed vcredist_x64 and now it works like a charm.
  26. i have a very simple animation, but very fast (5 frames), so xparticles give me these two issues: a very sharp turn in the particle trails particles start to appear very far from the emitter (Particles have no speed and no motion inheritance) thx!
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