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  2. The hidden polys command only hides them in the viewport, so if you render the viewport you'll see that the hidden polys are rendered (using the standard renderer). Same is true if you use the IRR. Since the Cycles RTP is in fact rendering the scene I don't think there's any way to not render those hidden polys. The only way I can see to do it with the standard renderer is to use a material with an alpha channel set to pure black and restricted to the selection (scene attached). Then they will be invisible on render. Maybe you can do the same with Cycles. norender_hiddenpolys.c4d
  3. bentraje

    Spline Dynamics C4D vs X Particles

    The thing is there's not much info or users for the xparticles dynamics. Probably, there are in the discord but the problem is you can't reference them. So it's no go for people who are experiencing the same problem. I really hope they move discussions more in the forum rather than in discord. Discord is just good for one-off/simple solutions.
  4. Hi, There are cases when I hide a portion of a geometry using the Polygon Selection Tag with the "Hide Polygons" command. It works on the native C4D viewport but it doesn't on the C4D RT preview (i.e. the hidden portion still renders) Is there a way around this? Thank you
  5. bentraje

    displacement and bump

    You can also do render time subdivision/tesselation using the cyObject tag, which is actually the preferred workflow rather than doing the subdivision at real time.
  6. Last week
  7. I want to have a flag in the wind. So i create a Plane, make it editable select points and pin them constraint, tab advanced. A bit of gravity, that's it. Based on doc the constraint collision should fix that issue. Any idea what I missed Thank you xpcloth_test.c4d
  8. digones

    XP Dynamics set up

    Hi Bentraje, I think we all are sharing the same frustrations, and it seems that Insydium doesn't talk much about it. The collisions are very inaccurate AND heavy in all my tests, probably something for the future but definitely not now.
  9. andysill

    X-Particles Windflow pattern problem

    After 2 late nights, I finally figured it out. https://imgur.com/a/jNFt8PX Avoid Modifier & XP Domain. Mess with settings in xp domain (depending on scale of scene)
  10. Here's an example scene. It's animated with a Cycles mapping node, and relies on very specific UVs and gradient. Because of this, it's best to do this as a render pass and transition the object in compositing program. There are plenty of other ways to achieve this in C4D animated_transparency.c4d
  11. I've been asked to create something similar to this video at 00:09 https://vimeo.com/332026043 I'm 90% there - but the problem is I achieved it in Physical, rather than Cycles. I used an animated gradient in the alpha channel to wipe the bottle on, with another material for the 'threads'. Except when I convert these materials into Cycles they break horribly. Is there a way in Cycles to create a gradient map similar to my workaround in Physical? I've looked at Blender Cycles tutorial for the past 6 hours, trying to find an explaination of what I need, found similar but nothing quite right. Attached is my scene file. BottleAgain.c4d
  12. vitalrealm


    Hey colbert, I'm trying to get a decent steam simulation from explosia myself . I've got one I'm happy with but can't figure out how to up the resolution... maybe you could take a look? xplosia_steam.c4d
  13. vitalrealm

    Voxel Size for steam simulation

    Hi guys and gals I've been playing around for about a week now trying to get a steam simulation I like. I've finally got one but the fidelity is very low as voxel size 30mm for a 1cm scale project. I'm now wanting to reduce the voxel size to get more finer details to be cached to a vdb but instead I get very different results - comparison image attached. All other settings are the same. Currently I'm using an xpemitter with fuel added as the source and have also tried increasing my birthrate significantly as the explosia documentation suggests but still get dramatically different results. Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong here? Is it not an appropriate workflow to work with larger voxel sizes and then reduce the size when it comes time to calculate a higher voxel res sim? If not are there any other decent workflows? I’ve attached project file as well… Many thanks xplosia_steam.c4d
  14. Nathan Page

    R21 Install not working

    @mrmitchy1211 Please send this through to Customer Services using the form below and we can take a look for you: https://insydium.ltd/contact-customer-service/ Thanks, Nathan
  15. andysill

    R21 Install not working

    I remember R21 had issues with plugins. I use R19 and it works fine but I havent upgraded yet because of that issue.
  16. mrmitchy1211

    R21 Install not working

    I am having an issue installing Xp into R21. I have installed the folder both in the plugins folder in R21 as well as the appdata plugin folder. I still do not see xp anywhere in the ui. Can someone please help??
  17. Earlier
  18. Hey guys! Been at this for about 2 days and the project is due soon! I can't get a flowy pattern for my wind streaks, I'm trying everything in the collider tag but everything seems to come out jenky. I cant attach the c4d file because its a map of hong kong. haha But I have attached every possible picture that would be able to tweak in this particular instance. Thanks so much!
  19. hi there! i have a problem regarding my render outputs from PC and MAC. although it is the same scene the mac output EXR 32BIT image is much brighter than the PC EXR 32BIT output. that makes team rendering useless for me. do you have the same problem? the standard renderer is doing fine. mac an pc render output look the same. i attached my testfile. i am on high sierra (mac) and windows 10 (PC). there are no materials on the cube to keep things simple and clean. the problem occurs if there are any materials too. as it is working in standard render, i assume it is a cycles4d related thing? any suggestions? TEST.c4d
  20. Nathan Page

    Cache problem

    Hello, Our Developers are aware of this issue in X-Particles build 732 in R21 and this should be resolved in the next service update. In the meantime, the caching function should still work correctly in X-Particles 732 in R20 or lower. Thanks, Nathan
  21. Gran Osmond Festejo

    Cache problem

    yep same problem
  22. teknow

    OVDB vertex color

    What technique are you using to color the mesh? Some ways are more accurate than others.
  23. christoph_strohfeld

    OVDB vertex color

    Hi I want to transfer my particle color to my VDB mesh. I already activated the point color checkbox. And sometimes it transfers my colors to the vdb but often not. Cinema also crashes when I render it with Redshift using the vertex attribute node and the point color tag. Tried also exporting everything as an alembic but its not including the vertex color information in the alembic. would appreciate some help 🙂 thanks!
  24. skrotov

    displacement and bump

    Hello. make sure that your geometry have high tessellated structure!
  25. RobertG

    xplosia and xpEmitter

    Never mind... just found the new volume shaders :-)
  26. RobertG

    xplosia and xpEmitter

    Thanks a lot... Amount of particles was fine. I have it working now after upgrading to windows 10, I guess that was not the problem of course.... probably some weird user error. Now looking for a way of rendering in Cycles4D, I guess i need the point density node for it, but although I have set it to Efx Smoke nothing shows up. Anyone has a pointer to a walkthrough video, cannot find much on this. Kind regards, robert
  27. krustylicious

    xplosia and xpEmitter

    Have you given the emitter enough particles ?
  28. RobertG

    xplosia and xpEmitter

    Xplisia with particles is working fine.... But when I emit the particles from an object driven by image it stops working. Not possible or do I miss something? Thanks, Robert
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