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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi there, Is there a way to have xptrail follow an animated object? I have my main emitter emitting from a mesh with the stick particle to source checked. Then I'm spawning particles and an xpFlowfield to give it some randomness. The geometry I'm using to emit the particles is animated and the trails don't stick to its surface once the animation starts. Any suggestion?
  3. Last week
  4. I have a simple column of smoke being generated by an explosiaFX object and a cylinder as an emitter object. All I want to do is move the emitter to another location. When I do it doesn't work. I've moved the explosiaFX object, the cylinder, both, individually, etc. Nothing seems to work. I've been searching the documentation and can't find anything aside from doing it by setting up a cache which doesn't seem to work for me either. Needless to say, I feel like an idiot. What am I missing?? Thanks for any help! Tim
  5. jimirichardson

    Open VDB "Fog" with Explosia FX

    Did you get this working? Im currently finding the same problem
  6. jimirichardson

    ExplosiaFX mode in OVDBMesher

    Im not sure what I am doing wrong here but this does not seem to work for me. Im following this video: https://insydium.ltd/support-home/video-manuals/x-particles-video-manual/generators/xpopenvdb/#1309 but on linking ExplosiaFX to the OVBBmesher nothing happens, the particles stay the same. Can someone enlighten me?
  7. RouseandFable

    How to follow particle

    Wondering if anyone can suggest how i can have a graphic element track along with these particles and lines. I wanted to have numbers changing but sticking to each line so they're not just floating in space randomly.
  8. TillPoetzl

    Anybody else had collision problems?

    it doesnt work for me either. I want the smoke to collide with a Moving mesh (dancing character). I treid connect object, alembic, ... no luck so far.
  9. TillPoetzl

    Fast moving objects as source in explosiaFX

    I'd like to have a solution for this as well!
  10. insydiumuser8

    Swirling London fog?

    I would also like to know this. The closest I can gather is going through a laborious process of exporting a ExplosiaFX VDB object, like here:
  11. Vasilis_Siskos

    R23 support

    Hello at INSYDIUM, any news on Bridge update for R23? Our X-Particles licenses work fine in R23 without any problem but we still miss some of our old plugins and we can't move to R23.
  12. xpTransform seems to work as expected for positions, not for rotations. I built the simple scene described in the insydium tutorial https://insydium.ltd/support-home/video-manuals/x-particles-video-manual/modifiers/control/xptransform-modifier/ and the particles move as the vibrating sphere moves, but they don't rotate at all, though "transform rotation" is checked in xpTransform attributes. I could not find a way around
  13. Earlier
  14. Lwik

    Thin Fluid VDBMesher?

    Thanks. Never did solve this a few month back so I dropped it and moved on. Thanks for the info and when I have time I will look in to it again.
  15. Felone

    Thin Fluid VDBMesher?

    Hey @Lwik I was struggling with the same thing as you and found a good resource in the content repository that helps out. Check it out: https://insydium.ltd/community/content-repository/?q=FluidFX+Crown+Splash Main things I noticed is the xpSplash strength and falloff adjustments have a significant role in the outcome. Also the xpOVDMesher has a native Smoothing deformer on which thins out the liquid a bit. Hope this helps!
  16. I almost have it figured out, but some of the particles are popping instead of gradually changing size. I attached a scene if anyone has time to take a look to see what I'm doing wrong. turbSphere.c4d
  17. I have an object covered with particles that have their speed set to 0. I'm using a spherical falloff object to "lift off" the particles with xp turbulence. How can I use xpscale (with radius change) to scale to zero smoothly after they start moving? I tried using questions and answers to use the scale once a distance traveled has been reached, but there was just a popping of the particle over 1 frame, not a smooth transition over time.
  18. I would like to have a an object submerged in a volumetric light, and on the same way lit bey a separate light which should not be visible?! Quite easy in C4D... but with cycles?! I'm using the way explained in this video https://insydium.ltd/support-home/video-manuals/cycles-4d-video-manual/tips-n-tricks/volume-lighting/ Perhaps there is another way to have the Volumetric attached to the light and not the scene?
  19. Hi, I am new to X-Particles so hope anyone can give me a helping hand. I have set up my x-particles animation which is a bunch of planes(xpGenerator) on a floor that gradually covers a running character. Would anyone know how I can use Arnold render in Cinema 4D to render this? What I am after is to add different images to my plane objects in the xpGenerator. But I can't see any texture on my xpGenerator object when using Arnold render. Any suggestions how to do this? Thanks, Mikkel
  20. just checking to see if anything will be available any time soon. I'm really hoping the displacement bug on mac gets fixed soon so I can actually use cycles.
  21. zero_ghul

    Pin Tag?

    Make sure your pin object has matching vertices that you want to pin. Also needs to be a polygonal object, so hit C on it after you've added enough points.
  22. Lufear

    Cache resets the simulation (or itself)

    I have the Same problem with ExplosiaFX. In random frame he restart's particle calculation I have Large scane with 0.02 cm voxel size And I think the problem is in memory
  23. Hello all, I was wondering whether anyone had knowledge of colliding Xparticles with C4D cloth simulations? I am getting some undesirable results with (some but not all) particles passing through my cloth simulations. It appears that that there is too much movement in the cloth (lots of wind!) for the particles to know where to collide. No matter how much I increase the Xparticles subframe steps, iterations and accuracy settings, I can't get my particles to behave properly. Any pointers would be gratefully received. Thanks
  24. krustylicious

    How to render the volume in redshift engine?

    xptrail colour is in the sdk, and seen by redshift. That is an arnold issue. Also you are quoting something that is out of date by nearly two years. I'm not arguing that the sdk can improve but it seems that you are going on out of date information. redshift per trail colour David has done this tutorial, it might be worth looking if its doable in Arnold
  25. Building a BSDF texture based on tiled images exported from substance designer, and the render locks up when I connect the normal image texture to a normal map node and then subsequently connect that to the BSDF input. When I unplug the normal map and render without the normals, the render progresses just fine. Is this a common issue in Build 541 early access?
  26. orcun

    Bubbles in viscous fluid

    https://jakobappleby.com/Bubbles-in-viscous-fluid-tutorial Did u try his method? combining with Thinking particles?
  27. What he meant is that its not possible with current SDK. Dev team needs to update SDK as well to allow 3rd party render engines to use new full features. For example Arnold latest version currently can't get xptrail colors but update will come soon.
  28. I figured it out, I added a redshift object tag and am using point instances. Duh! Thanks anyway.
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