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  2. teknow

    xpShaderFalloff Bug?

    Thanks so much for your explanation! That solves one huge problem for me. When you add a Layer Shader it slowly subtracts the layer each frame until it is gone and unless you tell me otherwise I will assume it just won't work. Here is another example file and in it I can render it beautifully to the Picture View as a .tiff but the xpSpinner mesh will not display in the editor view OR the Real Time Render view of Cycles unless I play the file. Any workaround for that? Shader scaling in it works perfectly. Overall I am really excited about the capabilities of xpShaderFalloff and the other falloffs. Great work! I don't have c4D r20 so it kind of gives the functionality of Volumes and Fields of r20 and for my organic modeling this is huge. 3D Noise 7.c4d
  3. Steve Pedler

    xpShaderFalloff Bug?

    Thanks, I've found it now, though there is no layer shader there, just the xpShaderFalloff. The problem is not a bug, it's a serious limitation in the Cinema SDK. For any animated shader to work, they must be given the current scene time. For almost everything else in Cinema, you have access to the scene and therefore the current time. With the exception of (you guessed it) falloffs. With a falloff there is simply no way to get the scene time, it just can't be done. I remember spending hours on this when writing the falloff before concluding it was not possible. So animated shaders are out, I'm afraid. Re the other problem - PV render vs. the viewport render - my guess is that you mean the viewport appearance is different to the PV render, is that right? Because if you do an actual viewport render, it looks the same as the PV render. This is because in the skinner you have two settings, Polygon Size and Render Polygon Size. The first is used in the viewport, the second at render time. This lets you work with a low-poly mesh in the editor and a high-poly version in the final render, but as you found, if the render size is significantly smaller than the viewport size, the mesh can look very different. Make them the same, and the viewport mesh will look like the one in the PV render.
  4. teknow

    xpShaderFalloff Bug?

    The xpShaderFalloff is in the xpChangeGroups. Also the render to the picture viewer is completely different than the editor render. Here it is again with a Cycles material: xpShaderFalloff 1.c4d
  5. Steve Pedler

    xpShaderFalloff Bug?

    I can't find the layer shader or shader falloff in your scene file. Did you upload the correct scene?
  6. Hi Lothar.- Yes....!!! Thank you I appreciate it... Mauro Di Giulio.
  7. Last week
  8. I am trying to animate the noise and trying to use a Layer Shader with xpShaderFalloff and no luck. Is this a bug? xpShaderFalloff 1.c4d
  9. Lothar


    that should be easy - just make the ovdb mesher editable (current state to object) and you´ll get a normal c4d mesh that can be exported as a wavefront obj ....
  10. Hi! I create a fluid with xpOVDB mesher and I would like to export this as an obj. (see img) Is it possible? I looking for the answer but not found anything yet... THX !
  11. Stage5

    Ocean Beach Simulation Help Please

    Thank you for the reply! I will apply your suggestions and see where it takes me.
  12. and here´s a version showing particles as well : constraints render2.c4d
  13. add a trail object - it has a mode constraints and then check constraints you are using - here it is birth. Trail gets a cycles curve tag and a material. Used trail property as a colour to show you can render particle colours used for the constraints as well. constraints render.c4d
  14. Hi good people, I need to create an effect where a set of spawning particles, eat the particles they come into contact with. In the attached image it would be the blue particles eating the smaller ghrey ones. The blue particles are perpetually spawning. I've been trying to do it with the nearest particle question and a kill modifier but no joy. Any ideas how to do this setup? Cheers, Tom Cloth Build_0001 - post.c4d
  15. Mike Batchelor

    Ocean Beach Simulation Help Please

    You'r on the right track with the simulation, you . could add more particles to help. also with the VDB mesher make the voxel size and point sizes smaller and use some filters to make the mesh cleaner and less blobby. you don't need to mesh foam particles render them as points. then you could add in a xpWave to help create the wave motion.
  16. Hi.- I have a simple scene of particles with constraints, I see the constraints in the Perspective view but when I try to render in Cycles 4D they are not visible. It is possible to render ? I need to add some node to the material of the particles to be able to render them ? Thank you very much in advance... Best Regards Mauro Di Giulio.
  17. Hey folks, I've got an island topography with an emitter birthing (shot) 48,000 trees across the surface. I need to create renders from various sections of the timeline, and of course without first caching the particles the trees won't show up before the second frame or at all in any of the renders that start past the opening frame. Even though it's a mere 48,000 static particles having to cache their position for 300+ frames is creating a near 2gb file. Obviously, I can store this cache externally on the local disk, but I'm just curious if there's a work around, or a way to instruct the cache to hold position after birth, and have each frame just refer to the initial or previous frame. TL:DR: Even saved externally, 2gb of necessary cache for 48,000 particles that don't move seems excessive -- is there a better way to approach this?
  18. I've just started learning XP also, so sorry I can't really answer about how to do this. It is a really cool video though! There is a post over in the Fluids section where someone else is asking about doing something similar with an oil in water type of swirling action like part of that video. I think they also came to the conclusion that a lot of examples of that kind of thing are done in Houdini, but I guess it's possible somehow in XP. That post should be near the top of that section, but if you can't find it, I'll see if I can track it down. I saw it a few days ago and seeing your post reminded me of it.
  19. Dawanga Doso Bonk

    Shatter & Dynamics intersections

    Hi, I'm currently run into that very same problem. So, at least, you're not alone....
  20. Stage5

    Ocean Beach Simulation Help Please

    Ok, going to try and attach the two images that wouldn't attach earlier.
  21. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone here can give me some tips and pointers regarding this scene I'm working on. I'm new to X-Particles / Cycles4d, so any advice will be greatly appreciated. I didn't intend to have a job so soon that uses X-Particles until I learned how to use it better, but a guy I've been doing freelance design work for the last several years asked if I could do a motion graphics animation for him. Some of the original drafts I did were a combo of C4d and After Effects. He then asked if I could take inspiration from a banner he saw on LinkedIn. I know the original one from this LinkedIn page is real beach video footage that has an alpha mask on it, but I think that XP would be a good fit for mimicing this, and will hopefully help me learn to use the system better. Here is the reference link to the idea that he likes. The banner I would do will possibly be on LinkedIn, but will mainly be for a FaceBook Banner Header. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:ugcPost:6550362860743200768/ I do have a basic scene set up. Cycles4d doesn't have to be used, but I do have that plugin as well. (attached) (for some reason, my two png files will not attach here, so those will be missing. Error -200 ?). - I made a quick height map for the beach displacement. This is mainly to make the fluid flow around more naturally and may end the end being dropped out to an alpha channel anyway. (won't attach) - This fluid doesn't necessarily have to be a natural realistic water color. This company has a lot of bright colors in their palette and they use a lot of gradients blending them together. (I'm attaching one of the multiple trade show booth designs I did for this client, to give a reference of the type of colors they use.) - Right now my simulation is really blobby and I don't know exactly how to sort it out to have more natural sheets of water and foam as they stretch on the beach before rolling back out. - I tried doing version that had casino chips for the particles, but it looked terrible (it's in the file). This company has a mobile app that's kind of like PayPal, but works directly with Las Vegas and Atlantic City Casinos for payouts. So I thought it might be good to include those somehow. If there is a way to scatter a smaller amount of chips in the fluid and have them wash up on the shore that would be interesting. This isn't a necessity, but I'd like to figure out how to do it to see how it looks. - The waves and foam looked better when I increased the turbulence, but then too much water washes on shore. If there's a way to increase that, but have less on shore, please share any tips. I know all the members here volunteer to help answer these questions, so I do appreciate anyone taking the time to give any advice they can. Thanks! Beach Simulation Test Cycles.c4d
  22. hey, i like to recreate a yarn, so the particles that follow my spline and are offseted rotating along the spline, i tried saveral spin, rotate modiefiers but its sticking to the spline. thx people
  23. Lothar

    Emit cloth objects

    I´m afraid you can´t do this fully parametric. What you can do is emit a bunch of planes , make the generator editable and then setup a multi cloth that behaves as you want to do like this. multi_cloth.c4d
  24. ariexietrotiv

    Emit cloth objects

    See if this helps you.
  25. joninslowmotion

    Emit cloth objects

    HI, does anyone know how/ if it's possible to emit cloth objects from an emitter? So say I set up a plane with cloth dynamics on it, I want to then emit a shot of say 30 of them from another emitter and have them each behaving individually. I have tried putting the plane with the cloth dynamics into a generator but I just get geometry without any of the cloth dynamics. I am basically trying to make a confetti cannon which I can control with the modifiers but will also interact with any geometry i place in the scene (with a collider tag) Any ideas would be great!
  26. teknow

    Wow, xpSplash!

    xpSplash is one of many many wonderful parts of the new update.
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