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  2. JackBrownMotion

    Emit on Specific Frames

    Sorry - Me again! I've got a basic setup working where I keframe the Input 2 value on the Compare node. This gives me the control I need, but I was wondering if you had an alternative way of doing things, just in case I was missing something. Thanks though - This setup is doing the trick for now! Jack
  3. JackBrownMotion

    Emit on Specific Frames

    Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply - I was starting to wonder if it was possible at all! I'm a bit of an Xpresso novice - For me to build this myself, does the Xpresso tag go on the Emitter? Thanks
  4. Issue solved. I am glad we had this conversation.
  5. Steve Pedler

    Emit on Specific Frames

    There's no simple way to do this in the emitter itself, but it can be done with a bit of Xpresso. In the emitter, set Emission to Trigger and turn off the Pull Trigger switch. All you need to do then is have a little bit of Xpresso turn that switch on when you want to emit particles. In the screenshot, the Compare node simply compares the current time to 1 second (frame 30 on my system) and pulls the trigger when that time arrives, so you get a single shot at that frame. The scene is just an emitter with an Xpresso tag on it. Your Xpresso would be a little more complex because you want to emit on more than one frame, but you get the idea. Hope that helps, Steve
  6. Hello Cycles Brainiacs - I'm trying to texture an object with two different shaders (think a neon sign tube where some of the tubing is covered with a black paint) and I'd like to drive the Fac on the Mix Shader using the position/orientation of a separate null layer. I'd like everything in front of the null to be glass and everything behind the null should be painted black. In Blender Cycles the effect is pretty easy using Object Field of the Texture Coordinates node. Unfortunately this field is missing from the Cycles4D and I'm at a loss for how to recreate the effect. I've had limited success using the Mapping Node's "Mapping From Object" field - as long as the objects don't rotate too much. Which is fine if my neon sign is facing down the positive-X, but if I try and move/rotate it elsewhere in the scene it all breaks. I've included a stripped down scene of the problem and a video of Cycles4D and Blender's Cycles to try and demonstrate the issue. Anyone have an idea for a workaround? Is the Object Field going to be exposed on the Texture Coordinates node in the future? Thanks! -Benny TexturePositionTest.c4d CyclesVsCycles4D_TextureProb.mp4
  7. Got it! But is there any way to get rid of the jitter at the end? Cord Rig New xpDynamics.c4d
  8. JackBrownMotion

    Emit on Specific Frames

    Hi Everyone, First post on here, so please go easy on me! I'm trying to set up an emitter that emits its particles on specific, designated frames. I have an emitter set up as 'Pulse', but I cant get the offsets to behave properly. For example, I'd like to specify that my emitter emits on frames 5,12,25,100. Is there a way of doing this? Thanks
  9. Actually I am pulling a sutured tendon through a hole in tissue and then through a loop. Here is a revised file more specific to what I am doing. I would so rather do all the dynamics within X Particles but so far I can't make it work. Is this file possible within X Particles dynamics? Cord Rig New.c4d
  10. When I try to recreate this animation in X Particles using only X Particles dynamics I cannot. Is it possible to do this in X Particles? Cord Rig 1 Southpaw.c4d
  11. richieblac

    xpDynamics simulation not rendering

    Has anyone found a solution for this? I started working up a project around XP's dynamics (because they're way faster & easier than C4D) and this has put me at a complete stand-still. Pretty game-breaking problem!!
  12. Hi there! I'm getting crazy trying to export XP particles to Alembic with the scale and rotation data. I think the way is via TP, but I've tried without success... Does any body knows any workaround? Thanks a lot!
  13. Particle FX - Premium Training by INSYDIUM is available now for £190 + VAT!  Particle FX - Premium Training includes six chapters of industry-relevant scenes and techniques for Motion Graphics, VFX and Product Visualisation. Each Chapter comes with downloadable scene files so that you can dive straight in. Jon Bosley, INSYDIUM’s resident Particle Master, guides you through more than 16 hours of pure X-Particles Training. Plus, you'll get 10 hours of additional free training, covering rendering & compositing. Find out more: https://insydium.ltd/products/premium-training/
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  15. JB Serra

    Rendering Fire With Octane

    Hi, I have an issue rendering fire with octane. I have my fire simulation emitting from a sphere. In my solver I've unchecked "Smoke" because I just want my fire to be rendered. The simulation on my view-port shows me the result I am expecting, but when I cache the simulation onto a OpenVDB EFX Format to load it on my Vdb Volume, the renderer simulation is not right and have smoke elements appearing on some frames. Any thoughts about the issue ? Thanks Fire.c4d
  16. Omegae360

    Team Render Server

    So I'm trying to use team render server with cycles 4d I have followed the manual. I can't get my client to connect to cycles plugins upon launching. I have put the proxy.ini in the folder. I'm not sure if I put the right info in the file. Has anyone got a team render server to work with cycles? Thanks
  17. Hey Cycles users. I checked on motion blur in the render settings and then unchecked the all objects box. I added a cycles object tag to the objects I do want to have blur but motion blur still affects the whole scene. Is this a glitch or am I not quite doing something right? Thnx. /B
  18. Hi ! I try to test the xpParticlesFallOff, but nothing happen... May be i'm missing something. Could you help me to solve this issue please ? I attached my project... test_xpParticulesFalloff.c4d
  19. Ah I missed that! Thank you!
  20. Hey guys, got a question about using the mesh deformer on an obeject referring to an OpenVDB mesher. This doesn't work because it isn't a polygonal object ofcourse. I tried exporting it to an alembic file but also the alembic file when imported is not a polygonal obect. Doing this workaround doesn't work either; it breaks my mesh: https://vimeo.com/78684377 Does anyone know another way to get this working? How do I convert an OpenVDB mesh to a polygonal object with it's point animation intact? I want to deform an object based on the deformation of my meshed X-particle sim, download the setup here: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/ed5647fb98a258f61b58e1b0e5c21a6920191106164040/29946b041030782bb8b5ec577a0b454720191106164040/a40a0b
  21. PeekCS

    Collision gone wrong

    I also like to ask if it's possible to rotate the dart mid air. I tried, Emitter > Use Rotation, xpSpin, key framing the dart, key framing dart PLA, simple spin, but nothing works
  22. Hey, Im trying out Dynamic Collision by shooting a darts at an object. The goals is to play the animation in slowmotion and create a realistic bounce effect If you check the file and cache out the simulation and play the cache at a slow speed, two problem come up: 1. the dart move out of direction before hitting the object. 2. the dart becomes flat. I played around with different setting, including sub steps, but nothing change the effect in a positive way. test_collision.c4d
  23. hey krustylicious do you mean by using the second emitter with the xpGenerator do add the object or is there another way? If you find a few minutes to setup an example scene that would be amazing. Thanks
  24. Cool. Thanks for all the hard work
  25. Hi everyone I'm pleased to announce the release of my brand new training course 'XPFluids Volume 1'. Create beautiful & fun viscous fluid simulations using X-Particles in Cinema 4D. The Training contains over 9 hrs of content plus Bonus scene files. This tutorial will look extensively at creating small to medium scaled Liquid Simulation using X-Particles within Cinema 4D. Techniques will include pouring, sticking and colour mixing for creating viscous liquid effects used for such effects as paint, gels, slime, goo, saliva and chocolate to name but a few. If you are interested and want more information please visit the Vimeo On Demand page: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/xpfluidsvol1 Many thanks Justin
  26. howie

    Cloth elasticity

    I'm just having a play with xpcloth and it seems very elastic/stretchy. How do I reduce this so it behaves more like a cotton sheet?
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