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  2. JB Serra

    ExplosiaFX Collision Margin

    Hi, From what I see, it seems that your voxel size is to big to get a proper collision on you plane, see attached, voxel of 15cm and voxel of 5cm. Jb
  3. JB Serra

    Water Splashes

    Hi, I have this scene I'm working on with pieces of aloe falling into water. I am generating my aloe through a xpGenerator and assigned it to its own emitter (Aloe). I am generating the bubbles velocity through a xpExplosiaFX (Bubble exp) that is advecting my real bubbles (Bubbles). My issue is that not all the particles from both my emitters "Bubble exp" and "Bubbles" get the Motion Inheritance from my "Aloe emitter", even though it is activated, and particles won't be generated at each frames. My X-Particles Dynamics are : Subframe Steps : 5 (I tried up to 32) Collisions : 100 Iterations : 3 (I tried up to 32) Accuracy 100% Please find attach my scene. Thank you, Jb Splashes_scene.c4d
  4. vicnorman

    build 884 tutorials

    Hello! Loving all the new stuff in the latest build. The teaser videos are great, will we be seeing any tutorials based on those clips?
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  6. AttilaKristo

    Instant crash when creating explosiaFX object

    Hi @clyve 🙂 Thanks / köszi for your reply! They told me the same and that worked but thanks for taking the time to post it here, I think it'll help / or has already helped many more!! BTW do you happen to experience more crashes for explosiafx than earlier versions when simulating them in the viewport? I do unfortunately and am thinking about opening a ticket for this. Thanks again!
  7. hayd

    Color Explosion

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with creating one of these in C4D X-particles? The only solution i can find is in Houdini. Thanks in advance
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  9. Thank you... this is perfect!
  10. I used xpSpawn modifier with Q&Action. Splat_test1.c4d
  11. mac949

    ExplosiaFX Collision Margin

    Can anyone please explain how to reduce the collision margin on the xplosia collider tag. I have a scene with a solid emitting a volume, the volume is colliding with surrounding geometry which has an explosia collider tag on it. However the volume doesn’t directly hit the geometry, there seems to be a collision margin of about 20cm between the volume and the geometry. I’ve tried reducing global collision margins, switching off the solid switch, reversing normals and even played with xp constraints. I have attached a small example. You will notice that the volume dosen't collide directly with the red solid. Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance. Collsion.c4d
  12. Hello There, If you need object ID matte: select the Emitter (or any other objects) assign a cyObject tag on it -> in the "Object Compositing Setting" tab you'll find ObjectID counter. then in the Render Settings, Go to the "Render Elements" tab and check "Object IDs" under the "IDs" sub-tab. you good to go. If you just need an alpha on your render: go to render settings under Settings -> Film enable the "Transparent Background" checkbox. then save your renders with alpha.
  13. Hello Everyone, I am a new user of x particles and cycles 4d. I have searched Youtube, Google, and this forum and I cannot find instructions on how to output object buffer alpha channel in an animation using xparticles with simple cycles4D material. I also searched the cycles4D manual and xparticles manual with zero results. This is not the xparticles materials in native xparticles interface, but rather xparticles using the cycles4D material... There has got to be a way to output these particles with alpha channel so I can composite in After Effects. Thanks for your help in advance. VT
  14. I tried to create a dynamic rosary. but I'm experiencing weird behavior from XParticles. It contains a spline as a string and several rosary pieces in a cloner. both have an xpDynamic tag on them. problem is the scene does not update automatically. I have to play... pause... move the camera to update the dynamics. (seems like an app bug) the main problem though, is rosary pieces are not colliding with each other. they all overlap. I tried to solve it using xpConstrains and PPColision with no luck. Any advice? p.s. project file attached xp-dynamic-trobleshot.c4d
  15. Hey, Would like to have xptrails draw at a certain frame but not straight away or draw when the emitter collides with the floor. I've tried animating the trail length at a certain frame but that doesn't work. What I'm after is when the emitter hits the ground, I would like the trails to then be visible so I can use the xpskinner to draw them only on the collision or at a certain frame. At the moment it draws all the way along as it falls. Any ideas? Splat.c4d
  16. I have an OVDB mesh that is being deformed by several tendrils. I've set up the mesh to emit particles with Emission set to shot, Speed to 0, so the particles sit on the surface. I simply need those particles to stick to the surface as the mesh deforms. Is this possible in X-Particles? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  17. pattnethercoat

    xpOcean orientation

    Is there a way of making xpOcean visible from the underside, equivalent to flipping normals?
  18. Steve Pedler

    Emit from all objects in a group

    Simplest way is probably to drop your object hierarchy into an xpJoin object then emit from the xpJoin.
  19. Is there a way to emit from all objects in a group? Currently it is only emitting from the first object int he group
  20. Try as I might, and I might, I cannot replicate this semi-tutorial (5;15 - 9:41) (see below) The tutorial is not fully explained and I'm stuck. My goal is to emit particles with trails from an object, have the particles stop, thus making the trails a particular length, and then have both the object and the trails be affected by dynamics, specifically turbulence, all the while keeping the trails from floating off the object. Think of a neuron with tendrils coming out of it's body, floating in goo. Does anyone know what all those tags are that are attached to the xpTrail object? Knowing what those are might help me in dissecting the workflow in the video. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Jakob Wagner

    Clone emitter with Mograph cloner

    Thanks! Much appreciated. Not sure why I didn't come back to this, guess I forgot to follow the thread. For others with the same question who find this. This video actually shows how to do it. Exactly like Ollyvenning says. 🙂 - Jakob
  22. Hi I use xpShatter and under Selection I check Inside Faces. A selection tag appears. Now I add two materials. On the top material tag I use the new selection tag as selection. Now I would expect the outside and inside polygons to use two different materials. But it ignores the top materials as if the selection tag is empty. Is this not supported? And if it isn't, how do I use two different materials on the inside and outside polygons respectively? Thanks Jakob shatter_sphere_selection_tags.c4d
  23. Jakob Wagner

    xpShatter and Motion Inheritance

    I'm guessing it could be a priority issue, but I'm not sure what I could do about it?
  24. Jakob Wagner

    xpShatter and Motion Inheritance

    Hi I have a sphere which is being shattered with xpShatter. I'm trying to emit particles from the inner faces of the shatter. That works. What doesn't work is the motion inheritance for the newly emitted particles. Most of them get stuck in the air. A few of them actually moves. Does motion inheritance not work with shatter or am I doing it wrong? Thanks, Jakob shatter_sphere_motion_inheritance.c4d
  25. Jakob Wagner

    XP Dynamics set up

    A polite +1 that xpDynamics/xpShatter workflow could use more work. 1. It doesn't make sense to me that a push is needed? Is that the same as an collision? It makes the shards blow/push apart in a way that doesn't look natural. 2. The performance make it impossible for me to use it. If, in the attached scene, I turn on the Spawn Points on my xpShatter the simulation gets to slow to use. Not 100 % sure if I'm doing something wrong or if this is simply the performance to be expected. Thanks, Jakob shatter_sphere.c4d
  26. Lothar

    Soft Body sim geometry

    just try to raise iterations to let´s say 50 and not only substeps within preferences
  27. leegingy

    Foam Map in Cycles4D

    Enjoying the XPOcean and fluid sim updates. Am failing to get the Foam Vertex map into Cycles4D though. Has anyone else tried this? It feels like a bug which a real shame....
  28. HR2019

    Export OpenVDB

    Hello everyone, for example, if I export smoke from X-Particles as OpenVDB and then import it again, neither the orientation nor the position is correct. Is there a trick? Apparently either mirrored export or import. In the picture on the left you see the original X-Particles simulation on the right side the XP simulation is exported as Open VDB and then imported with Redshift Volume. The import seems mirrored.
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