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  2. So this is going to sound crazy and I am definitely going to submit a bug report, you should as well. The window mapping is actually being based off the size of your real-time preview window. Change the aspect of your real-time preview window by increasing the size of your material area, you are basically trying to get rid of the grey overlay that shows up over your image in the real-time preview window. This will get you the results you are looking for. It does not affect the render, so as long as your render settings are correct the image would render out at the correct aspect ratio. Another way to see what is happening is to solo the window texture coordinate output and then start resizing your real-time preview window. Hope that helps!
  3. nvm got it forgot to read this, you can delete my post lol
  4. Last week
  5. Hello: I have a sweep nurb using an xpTrail object to create some animated geometry. Specifically, when I use xpCache and my team render clients, the *sometimes* are missing the first frame of the sweep nurb geometry. The second frame picks it up just fine. Everything works with xpCache and team render just fine. All the xpCache files are found in the shared network. It's just that when the client picks the render (rq), the first frame has no data for the xpTrail I think? I tried this with the openVDBMesher, and it's fine. It's something about the sweep nurb. Also worth noting, I tried playing with priorities, and putting things higher up in the object manager. Didn't seem to work. I even tried the "Set Priority" tag, but I don't thing it actually effects anything but some animation stuff. When the client picks up a new range, the same thing happens, the first frame is missing the sweep nurb geometry. Second frame and till the end, is fine. So as the frame ranges get moved around, I end up with a bunch of frames missing the sweep nurb + xpCache geometry for each start of a new range on any one of my clients. I believe, oddly, that if I team render to just my local machine, the same thing happens. If I DONT use team render, it's fine. So... there's that. Finally, I have the "skip pre-roll" unchecked. I think this concerned me.. but it also isn't making a difference. I'm out of ideas. Anyone have any thoughts? xpart.c4d
  6. ollyvenning

    What renderer?

    Have you looked at the Gaeous shader? I can;t tell you too much about it, but I know it renders XP volumetrics in standard. It will be slow though. If you want fast, you'll need Cycles/Redshift/Octane
  7. If anyone could help solve this problem I've come up against I'd be very grateful! I have a simple set up of trails flowing over a character using follow surface and turbulence. However, when the character (mixamo) is skinned and does her walking animation, the trials fall behind her. A nice effect, but not what I'm after. I want the trails to continue to move over the surface of the body as she walks. I tried moving the trails modifier under the hips hierarchy, which did something, but not right! I've attached a scene file - you can see the effect with the skin modifier turned off., and what happens when you turn it on. Any help greatly appreciated! FigureTrails_forum.c4d
  8. ollyvenning

    Render with native C4D

    Hey, I did try very briefly to render Xplosia with the native render, doing as you did, with the Gaseous shader. It does take quite a while, but thats the only native way. Your easiest option is Cycles, but Redshift and (I think) Octane will both do it too
  9. mdevotion

    XPpainter with Object Texture color

    where do you contact tech support?
  10. incase anyone cares, tech support told me its not currently possible. feature request for next update maybe.
  11. Thx Lothar, this works perfect!
  12. Hi all, is it possible to use XP FOllow Surface, but somehow restrict the movement to just edges of the surface geometry?
  13. go to OVDB mesher ->tags. Activate transfer point colour and some smoothing. This will show particle colour. Next you can go to your objects and check generate object ID this will provide vertex maps for mesh and particles that can to be used to separate colours ...
  14. Lothar

    xpDynamics Mesh Deform

    uncheck update points to make it rigid dynamics
  15. hey guys, Im new to xp and I don't know how to solve this problem, here is the situation. I have an object with a Fluid FX Water Body inside. At the start of the sim a (different) object falls into the water body, creating a crown splash. The particles falling down near the object surface, coloring a Vertexmap. The use of the Vertexmap is to change the shader of the object. This work fine, but no I like to fuse the object with the particles, using the OVDBMesher. Of couse this makes the Vertexmap useless, because vertexes come and go on a OVDBMesher. How can a particle splash color (change shader) the object, with the same OBDBMesher? what is the alternative here? VDB_Object_Splash.c4d
  16. Imagine a subdivided editable cube dropping onto a surface using rigid body dynamics. Using xyDynamics Can anyone tell me why my xpDynamics mesh object is deforming on collision? I want rigid body dynamics, not soft body. Rigidity is set to 100 percent. The maid body of the mesh remains rigid, but at the point of impact, the vertices bunch-up. Making the radius bigger in the dynamics tag causes the mesh to float above the collision surface when the dynamics mesh comes to rest. Thanks Mick
  17. How about OVDBMesher, can you re-time that, or is it better to cache the emitter, re-time, then "re-cache" with mesh?
  18. Mike Cahill

    Final Render does not match Viewport

    Sorry about this but I brought it into After Effects and it's fine. I thought it was the same problem I was having with the Pro Growth Tutorial where one frame was fine and the next with have these black holes in the animation>frame 29 bad frame 30 good...
  19. Hello, I am having problems rendering all of the tutorials on the website that use Cycles. Everything looks good in the viewport and while rendering but the final render seems to have an alpha channel like hole in the animations the water helix is missing the color. I just don't know if it's me or it's my computer. iMac Pro 8-Core 3.2GHz Intel Xeon W 32 GB Memory Radeon Pro Vega 56 8 GB Mac OS 10.14.6 The output was open exr. Ive attached the Water Helix Project, render settings and samples of what I'm talking about. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Mike Water Helix002_C_render.c4d
  20. Lothar

    Emit from multiple Objects

    don´t see why connect object does not work here TEST_EXPORT_ALEMBIC_004.c4d
  21. Hey guys, General question: Is it possible to use multiple Objects as Emitters ? so i have one Emitter switch to Object Emission / Emit from Points and now use a list of multiple Objects. For this example the scene only contains 2 Objects. Finally it will be more like 10 or so The Connect Object did not work in this case. TEST_EXPORT_ALEMBIC_004.c4d
  22. mdevotion

    Achieving this effect

    Also it feels that the animation is rewinding instead of reversing in a different way.
  23. mdevotion

    Cached Mesh disappears

    Could you post the scene file?
  24. mdevotion

    Achieving this effect

    @Martin Thank you so much, indeed this is what I've got so far and I'm very satisfied with the splash result, but now I want the liquid to "morph" into this candy bar. I'm planning to tweak it with some squashing animation, I've tried with an xpCover and xpAttractor but I get some kind of blob that loops around until it cleans itself, which doesn't look very smooth. I've uploaded the scene and a preview, I really appreciate you guys taking your time to help me. pd: english not my first language :P 01.mp4 xp-forums-scene.c4d
  25. HI all, I'm wondering if anyone could give me some pointers in achieving this kind of effect (1min in) In Trapcode Particular, you could flicker the opacity map on/off over particle age, and same with the colours. I guess you could do something similar with the XP material shader? This does limit me to using the standard renderer, and I was really wanting to be using redshift to get good DOF. Or do you think it's best to build 'real' glitter particles? e.g. particles with a reflective surface and a light source that catches them? Seems extravagant, and potentially tricky to get just right! I appreciate this is probably partly a material/shader question, and I would prefer be using Redshift for this particular project - so any extra insights there would be handy. Many thanks in advance 🙂
  26. ollyvenning

    X particles Dynamics Collisions

    Hi there. I had a quick look at this, and on turning down the radius to 0.1 it worked. I do have a very beefy workstation with 16 cores. Maybe it's simply crunching power? I've cached it for you here, its about 700mb https://www.dropbox.com/s/pmsm9orgxe6mzg4/XP-GlitterIssue.c4d?dl=0
  27. ironsightdesign

    Fluids not working with small scenes

    Is it possible to post the finished scene for reference?
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