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  3. At the risk of seeming thick, I can't figure out the splash of a guy falling into the ocean. file attached. any advice gratefully received. best regards, David dummy figure splash xpocean.c4d
  4. Hi! I have some particles that need move along a grid in XZ space and make a turn in a random direction every 50th frame. This all works fine mostly with the help of the Network modifier, but a few particles shoot off at a 45 degree angle which I don't want. The Limit modifier works to restrict them but it only allows for movement in positive or negative direction, but not both directions along these axis. Is there a way to restrict the particles to move only along the X and Z axis but in either direction? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello Does anybody know a way to shrink trails slowly, or by percentage of the total length? So far the only option I found is the Shrink operation in the XPTrails Modifier, but the minimum Rate of Change (1) is to fast for my animation. Or am I missing something? Thank you in advance, Best J
  6. Hi there, Does anyone know how I can use xpTrail for >1 emitter? I want particles to use "nearest by distance" but I want particles from two emitters to be included in this. I tried assigning groups but that did not work. Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. Sorry if this is an elementary question. I recently started a tutorial on X-Particles. Changing the Expand value in xpCollider causes particles to penetrate the object. Do I need to change some settings? I would be very grateful if you could let me know. I'm attaching the data. collider.c4dをテストします
  8. Hi I'm having trouble with an emitter cache I've retimed manually. My shrink trails question doesn't seem to be working? Does the cache need to be recached somehow with the remapping? I tried caching the trails but it doesn't seem to work. I'm relatively new to XP still so any help would be great! thanks.
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  10. @MVW Please can you send this through to our Technical Support team using the contact form below: https://insydium.ltd/contact-technical/ Please include your scene file and also confirm which X-Particles Build you are using and the team will be able to advise.
  11. Hello Using latest build of Xparticles whth C4D S22, at the very end when the Boole object is set to X-Ray after the OVDBmesher has been cached and Water emitter has been turned off, I do not get the look of just seeing the Foam particles because the XRay does not seem to work. Is this some kind of compatability issue since the training video was made?
  12. 🔥 ExplosiaFX - Maintenance Training Series! 🔥 Take me there! 👉 https://buff.ly/3nUOnL2 ExplosiaFX is an immensely powerful solver used to create various fluid effects like smoke, fire, powder explosions and more. Learn all about the Solver itself and how it’s parameters can be tweaked and tuned to suit any gaseous scenario.
  13. Nathan Page

    Thin Fluid VDBMesher?

    @Lwik INSYDIUM Online is not used for any official support and is an online platform, with the aim of users of our software providing each other with help and advice. https://community.insydium.online/index.php?/topic/3-insydium-forum-–-code-of-conduct/ If you have a request for Technical Support, please send this through to the team using the contact form below: https://insydium.ltd/contact-technical/ We also have our Discord channel where other users can be asked for advice and assistance: https://discord.gg/pVkM3HP
  14. Lwik

    Thin Fluid VDBMesher?

    Looking at all the posts that have gone unanswered there seems to be a lack of support in this forum?
  15. pattnethercoat

    can't create cloth

    Hi Nathan, My brain pinged just as I was about to send in the scene. I had recently changed my default scene setup to start at frame 1. Of course cloth is based on a shot emission at 0.83, so it wasn't getting started. Maybe I should try and get used to starting at 0. Thanks for replying anyway. P
  16. Nathan Page

    can't create cloth

    @pattnethercoat Can you please post a scene file so that we can take a look at this for you?
  17. pattnethercoat

    can't create cloth

    Either simple select plane - create cloth, or in an xpsystem via the dynamics folder drop down Neither works. Loading a preexisting cloth setup works fine. Anyone met this problem before? (C4D R23.008, XP Build 895) Cheers, P
  18. Nathan Page

    INSYDIUM Merchandise

    Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt? We've added some merch to our shop! Take a look! 👉 https://buff.ly/34Pfiip
  19. Lwik

    Thin Fluid VDBMesher?

    Hello, I have had XP for 6 months now and have gotten pretty familiar with it, but I still struggle with thin VBD from my fluids. In the still I included The Insydium video the seem to easily create this thin sheet using the xpSheeter and the OVDBMesher. I included my project file hoping someone can look at it. I understand in the OVDBMesher there you have to adjust the Point Radius and Voxel size. But as I start to make them smaller it just turns in to individual geometry blobs around the particles and the sheeting is gone. Can someone look at the file and let me know what I an doing wrong? Thank you! Blood Splash.c4d
  20. vfx_monkey

    XP Skinner Texture

    I have my particles and texture setup by using emit from texture (object, but want to use a skinner or VDB mushers to create a mesh and liquid effect. The problem is once i create the mesh, I lose my texture/image info. The question is, how can I texture my mesh with an image etc. so that when the particles are affected, or appear to melt , my detailed object will look like its melting. Using Octane to render but I also have cycles.
  21. Hi ! I'm trying to play with an animated vertex map and xp scale but my particules don't move according to my vertex map. Thanks 🙂 Vertexmap.c4d
  22. Antek

    Shatter Setup

    Hey guys, Hope everyone reading this is well. I will try to keep it as brief as possible: I would like to achieve the setup from 14:10 in the Early Access video Anything from written advice to what should be there, to a screenshot or even an example project would be greatly appreciate it as I'd like to do it with my own object. For some reason, I can't manage to achieve that effect without a full setup! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  23. Hi, I need to create a system which can do the following: Creates a cloud of particles (roughly 1000) For these particles to be connected to one another by splines & to be able to animate these splines lengths - preferably using fields Allows me to select 'regions' of particles within this cloud to be modified (for example to change colour or change how they are connected to one another) using the same fields as those which control the spline connections To connect these 'regions' to particles from additional emitters using splines I am pretty new to X-Particles & appreciate this is a demanding list . Any advice on how to set up a system which achieves all or any of the above would be greatly appreciated! I've attached my progress so far in case that helps ... Thanks! XP_network_dev_07.c4d
  24. rezalom

    Xp Tendril issue

    Hi Community, I am working on this scene where the trailing of a sphere causes the growth of splines. The growth of the splines is driven through an animated vertex map (caused by the trailing of the sphere). Scene file is attached. Everything works apart from these two hiccups: - Whenever I add the xp collider tag to the trailing sphere, the collision caused on the tendrils makes them go wild. At first I thought it was the interpolation of the xptrail, as they dont appear smooth only when the collider tag is applied to the sphere. Not sure if I am missing an obvious setting here. Is there a way to get the tendrils to behave normally whist keeping it colliding with the sphere? The tendrils work perfectly as soon as you remove the collider tag, but ofcouse would be amazing to get the collisions happening. - Second Issue is, is there a way to also reduce the tendril length as the weighted area of the vertex map fades out. Currently they are growing on the yellow part of the vertex map, but should also disapear as the weight on the vertex map disappear. I tried mapping a data on the xpTendril, connecting the tendril length to vertex weight, but did no difference (see attached screenshot). I am guessing I may have missed something obvious on both issues. Any help on this, would be amazing! Thankyou. Tendril_growth_7_xp.c4d
  25. Hi Community, Hoping someone can help me out on this. I am trying to control the growth of the x particles through a vertex map. Currently I have a sphere roaming across a landscape, and generating a vertex map from the trail. The particles do emit from the weighted yellow area, but should disappear as the weight gradually fades off. I have tried using the xpScale, and adding a data map, linking particle radius to Vertex weight. Doesn't seem to make a difference. And I know it can easily be achieved as shown here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-rCBcBmBCY (at 2:20sec). I tried also doing it through the xpVertexMap, creating the same trail vertex map animation, but same result. Particles emit from yellow weighted area, but does not decrease in size as the weight fades off. Thank you, Rez Growth_6_xp.c4d
  26. Hi, For some reason, the "Rotation" Parameter in the Particle Info Node is not working. 1) As you can see, my particles have different rotational values. 2) In shading, I extracted the "X" rotation since it has the biggest variation and mapped it into the color ramp. 3) I would expect them to have different color values based on X rotation. However, only one color is being rendered for all the particles. https://www.dropbox.com/s/f0hj0dha33vkegb/c4d302_cycles4d_particle_rotation_info_not_working.jpg?dl=0 You can check the illustration file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jr33cq4pq7hkejk/c4d302_cycles4d_particle_rotation_info_not_working.c4d?dl=0
  27. Hi, Is there a specific settings for fast moving objects as source in explosiaFX? Currently, I have been big gaps and the smoke is barely have form. Here is the what it currently looks like: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wq8u6ya6t7j6xqb/c4d301_xparticles_xplosia_fast_moving_source_gap_01.mp4?dl=0 Here's what I expect the behaviour to be (in TFD): No gaps https://www.dropbox.com/s/s4ezuci09ad3wcx/c4d301_xparticles_xplosia_fast_moving_source_gap_in_tfd.mp4?dl=0 You can check the illustration file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2b00rna3b2q80l/c4d301_xparticles_xplosia_fast_moving_source_gap.c4d?dl=0 Regards, Ben
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