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  3. Hi there, I'm currently working on a small project and found myself stuck (I'm new to X-Particles). I want to have a branched structure (e.g. like a nervous system or neurons) and send Particles like signals along the branches. So I created the structure simply with trails and branches, and now I want to make a "pulse" effect, starting from the center along the trails to all the branches. I thought I could simply use the xpTrails somehow for xpFollowSpline-Modifier and a second Emitter connnected to the Modifier with Emission set to "Pulse". But it doesn't take the branches into account and follows the first branch only. I guess I would need to spawn new particles at each new branch. I tried different things but just couldn't get it to work. I think this shouldn't be an actual problem because I've seen similar looks and animations a dozen times, but I guess that I might think to complicated or miss the obvious solution for this. Has anybody an idea how to achive this easily? Thank you in advance, cheers JaS
  4. joninslowmotion

    Subframe emission

    Hi, just trying to work out how to get subframe emission in ExposiaFX. I have a sphere as an emitter that is moving but I am just getting 1 little cloud per frame which is causing gaps. Steps in the project - xparticles settings don't make any difference and I can't find a jitter setting like in fluidFX. IS there a way round this? Thanks!
  5. Mike Batchelor

    Material Preview not updating

    hmmm not sure have you tried it in a new scene?
  6. Last week
  7. Craig Zuckerman

    crown splash rim effect?

    Hi, I've attched an image, maybe Realflow? can this thickness at the rim of the crown be achieved with XP? thank you, Craig
  8. Mike Batchelor

    emitter freezing

    post a bug report for it so devs can take a look.
  9. ariexietrotiv

    XP Materials - xpTrail Size

    Thank you. It was quite an obvious one. Cheers
  10. Lothar

    XP Materials - xpTrail Size

    just go to trail settings -> thickness & colour tab which is set to " do not set thickness " by default and choose something else like set from value, use spline , use radius or whatever , then thickness information is passed to xp material 😉
  11. Hello everyone. I'm very new to XP so I'm sorry if this questions seems very dumb. I have an xpTrail with an XP Material and my objective it's to increase its size (thickness) in the material when rendering. When I scale the size in the XP Material nothing happens. Any particular reason? I've added the XP Material to the emitter and when I increase the size it works so I'm thinking that probably i'm doing something wrong. Thanks in advance. Regards
  12. vision frame

    emit when object movies

    my man ❤️❤️
  13. ok - for this, I would not go for spawning, but another simple approach. 1) sync two emitters by immediate inherit and inherit position and rotation as required. You have to take care by yourself that output is the very same , rate, shot or whatever you need must be same figures for both emitters to get perfect match. 2) provide two groups for the clone emitter and use only first one only - you don´t use 🙂 3) now just do a random group change for the clone emitter to reveal the cloned and synced particles.... that should be the effect you are after as far s I understood. fake spawn.c4d use a noisefield for random group change here - if you are not on R20 you can do that by random probability as well
  14. hopefully my explanation will help to see how that works. Scene is a bit chaotic as usually as I work along while thinking and don´t care much for structure as long as there is a really complex one. 🙂 Just keep in mind to keep motions slow and gentle. If you watch closely, there are some objects on the tips that have double contour sometimes - that´s when they move rapidly or long distance between frames . No idea how to solve that, sorry.
  15. trailmix1024

    Attaching particles to the tips of tendrils

    This is really very helpful, thanks! Looking at your scene makes all the difference.
  16. Maybe this is an easy one... I have particles moving along a surface (could just be a plain), and I'd like for a few random particles to spawn a single particle that each follow the exact position and rotation of their spawner particle. Is that possible? I'd also like to add a position offset whereby the newly spawned particles are transformed in one direction or another, or better yet, transformed along the surface normals of the object they're moving along. Put another way: imagine a surface full of particles, of which a handful are carrying their spawned particles on their shoulders no matter where they move. Thanks!
  17. Steve Pedler

    Pulse emission not working as expected.

    Thanks, we'll look at this and hopefully fix it as soon as we can. Steve
  18. I have posted the bug report now. #2238
  19. Hi, I did a lot of testing and I finally got it stable. The best option really is using CUDA with CPU and GPU devices ticked in Cycles 4D's rendering settings. It reduces rendering times in half. Also using Process Lasso and allocating Cinema 4D the bitsum highest performance helps cutting down a couple more seconds from the rendering time. But I do find this option usefull only if you are rendering at night time, when you don't have to do anything else on your workstation; by anything else I mean not giving a single click or opening an explorer window. Anyway, thank you for your help.
  20. Lothar

    emit when object movies

    you can use vm maker to generate a vertex map according to world speed. Use this vertexmap for emission ... emit while move.c4d
  21. tendrilends.c4d There is a workaround though, a bit limited but maybe can fit your needs. Unfortunately expresso for trail only works for plain trail and not in tendril mode, so Mike is absolutely correct, you can´t attach things to the ends. But you can make use of the fact that to get this continuous stream of particles, it is necessary that particle reaching end of tendril has to die - and that´s what you can use to spawn a new particle at this position, let it live for 1 frame only and you can generate anything to the end of particle stream. A bit more tricky - the change from growing to steady. I have to freeze particles generating tendrils as this is a thing I can ask for. If I change geometry now, there will be a gap of one frame before the new object appears from spawning. So I have to delay that by using a countdown timer by user data by one frame. But is is as well a period things can move so you always have to expect some jumps during that phase. So try to keep motion small ... Think that is the only thing than can come close to what you want to get. Btw - raise project settings subframes and iterations a good deal is vital as far as I can see as well. Just found the reason for that snapping on change from growth to steady - the old file had turbulence limited to tendrils only . Of course generating particles must get same turbulence as well to keep positions close. And maybe another importand hint - tendril settings must have all uniform values like here - tendril length 50 and freeze after 50 frames. Get variety in length by variation of speed for generating particles. tendrilends.mp4
  22. Craig Zuckerman

    emitter freezing

    Hi, after following along Bob's most excellent video for the part one, fluid helix, I was able to replicate it. But when I add some objects with collider tags, my emitter, as well as the caching, freezes up . I've included my file, sans texture, I do hope that this can be resolved, any revelation would be wonderful. Thank you, Craig emitter-freezingc4d.c4d
  23. vision frame

    emit when object movies

    im trying to make smoke trails , so how to make the emitter only emits when the object is moving and stop emitting when its not moving
  24. onostuff

    Material Preview not updating

    Hi Mike, Thanks, but I'm not talking about the RTF window, (I know about turning it off and on, etc), but the little material preview in the material/node attributes window. (Note the red ball image above the Basic Properties input in the image). I thought clicking on the node's title area should show an image of what that node is doing. Also, you'll note that the red ball shown looks nothing like the node material. I've tried this with the RTF's update button both on and off. Any thoughts? Thanks Patrick
  25. Steve Pedler

    Pulse emission not working as expected.

    Thanks. Did you post a bug report? I haven't seen it on our bug tracker database yet. Steve
  26. Mike Batchelor

    Smoke Emitted from Animated Texture

    If you look at the Explosia source tag each channel has a little black arrow next to it, fold that open and you see channels eg selections or textures these can be used to drive the simulation.
  27. Hi Is it possible to have smoke emission driven by an animated texture on an object? I have a gradient with a slight turbulence animating in the alpha channel of a material which is applied to a cologne bottle moving from bottom to top to make it look like it's burning. I have managed to create this using xpEmitter but I want to achieve this using the xpExplosia with a gaseous smoke emission. Can't seem to figure it out. Many thanks, Animated Texture Smoke.c4d
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