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  2. i! The new beta version of xp is able to generate a vertex color tag on a spline mesher. I tried, creating an emitter with random coloured particles, generating a spline trail from this emitter and feeding the generated trail into the spline mesher. The spline mesher creates the vertex color tag, but all vertex points are black. Best Holger
  3. Hydroculture

    spline mesher trail colour

    Hi! The new beta version of xp should be able to generate a vertex color tag on a spline mesher. I tried, creating an emitter with random coloured particles, generating a spline trail from this emitter and feeding the generated trail into the spline mesher. The spline mesher creates the vertex color tag, but all vertex points are black. Sad. Best Holger
  4. Last week
  5. Dave

    xpPin don`t work

    xpPin is very particular about how close the pin object points are to the pin points on the cloth. See this line in the manual: "Note that pin objects must be polygon objects and they must have enough polygons so that vertices in the cloth can find pin object vertices close to them. If you do not have enough polygons in the mesh, no pinning will happen." I'd advise creating a copy of your cloth mesh and keeping just the single edge polys to pin, see attached example. I had no luck pinning to your cylinder, but when I copied and tweaked the cloth poly mesh (deleting the cloth tags of course) and pinned to them, it worked first time. Just hide this dummy pin mesh if you don't want to see it xppin_dosntwork_corrected.c4d
  6. KMM

    xpPin don`t work

  7. Hello, Another question for the Insydiun forum this week. I have a pretty simple set up to get kind of like a fluid effect slowly pouring down over a sphere. Only problem is there is a bit of a kind of bumpy or popping effect towards the end of the shot that I want to eliminate. I believe the handful of slightly faster particles coming back to the attractor object after the mesh has fully covered the object is what is going on. But, how would I eliminate or scale them back? I attached the project file. I would definitely cache beforehand (warning: it's about 1GIG cache) so you can get a better idea of what's going on in here. Any thoughts or insight would be very much appreciated! Sphere_Encasing Liquid.c4d
  8. Hola Everyone! So, i got this project and I've been stuck with this issue. Hope someone can help me, I attach the Instagram link from Ditroit Studio in Milan, one of the great motion commercial studio out there. Basically the sim that I wanted to create is a sauce/glue like sticky fluid, and something like a pipe will wipe it off, so the will create a concave on the mesh and also on the surface. Basically my client want the simulation to look exactly like this. Ditroit Studio Molesses They used Houdini for this. but I believe XP can do it! Thank you so much! xmport.
  9. Hello, long time tinkerer first time xparticler...xparticiple? Bad joke. Anyway, I'm trying to get a very subtle plume of smoke out of the cracks of a sphere using the glass preset in XpShatter. I was able to download and pick through the "Shatter Smoke" project in the Insydium Content Repository hoping that would help me get this shot. But, for the life of me, I just cannot figure out how it was set up to: Trigger the Explosia smoke to start when the XpShatter collision and breakage starts Have the Explosia smoke follow the broken pieces Is there a video out there floating around showing how it was set up or something close to it? I also have a project file attached to illustrate how I am trying to mimic a similar set up in my shot. I would rebuild the cache upon opening (it's pretty heavy for the viewport without a caching) to better see what's going on here. I just want to get smoke to plume out from the cracks of the sphere upon it hitting and shattering. Any insight or information would be so appreciated! XPShatter-04_XPExplosia Test_2.c4d
  10. Dave

    Setting up decent depth pass

    Great. I forgot to mention, zdepth passes shouldn't really be anti-aliased, so perhaps look at rendering without it. I haven't looked into how to do this in Cycles, must be possible though As far as I can tell, there's no automated way to do separate light passes. So you'll have to render out your scene multiple times with the lights turned on/off as required. You might be able to do something clever with RGB coloured lights in a single output, but I can't help you with this any further. Or perhaps try adding light materials and then use AOVs within the materials? No idea if it'll work, worth experimenting though
  11. mikekam

    Camera Following a Particle

    Steve that's great. I'm not super up on Xpresso but I'm having a good delve now, so thanks for your response and your example, this is really helpful.
  12. Mike Cahill

    Main (0-00-04-18).jpg

    Dig it. Nice.
  13. Steve Pedler

    Camera Following a Particle

    The only way to do this ATM is with a bit of Xpresso. See the attached file, where the camera moves with the particle. That gives you a particle's-eye view if you make that the active camera. If what you want is a stationary camera which simply rotates to follow a particle, you can also do this with Xpresso but it's a bit trickier because you need to get the particle's position then do some (fairly simple) vector math to point the camera towards it. camera_follow_particle.c4d
  14. Nathan Page

    Possible Bug with Mapping

    Thanks for letting us know @KMM. We are aware of this issue and this should be resolved in the next update.
  15. Hi there, I'm quite new to X Particles, but I've looked on the Help and the forums and I can't seem to see how to do this. I want a camera to follow a single particle , one shot, one particle, as it makes it's way through the world. That's it really. Ideally it would not follow it exactly so that the particle can move about without the camera tracking it, but I just want to be sure about the first bit before I look at the second. Thanks a lot
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  17. Red Ben

    Setting up decent depth pass

    Thanks Dave, appreciate you taking the time to respond. Will give it a try. Also struggling to render out separate light passes.
  18. Dave

    Setting up decent depth pass

    Try using the Camera Data node with the View Z Depth connected to an shader, although you might need to remap the black and white values to be visible. This is not very accurate though, and probably not the "proper" way to do it. You can also use the new AOV feature to do a separate render pass (the disadvantage with this is you'd have to use the same material on all your objects) See an attached example scene z-depth.c4d
  19. Really struggling to get a usable depth pass from cycles. Have clicked 'ZDepth' in Camera Elements within Render Elements within Cycles render settings - but just getting something like object buffer i.e. black and white. trying different buffer/focus depths but no luck. Any thoughts?...
  20. So I've been trying to create a complex water drop sim and I can't get gravity to map to mass. I even recreated the video manual tutorial (which I included). As soon as I map mass into the gravity modifier, it (gravity) becomes inactive. MassBug.c4d
  21. Hi, I m looking to build a new computer. just wondering if any X-particle user out there are using Threadripper 3960x on their rig and see how the performance is in simulation and viewport. Thanks!
  22. spyama

    xpPin don`t work

    Is the same. 02:17 I want to do this
  23. Mike Cahill

    Cycles 4D Hotfix - Build 506

    Hmm, this is what I have. Is that normal? Thanks for the reply!
  24. Mike Cahill

    What happened to the Custom Tag - Tag?

    Oooooh, Thank you!
  25. I'm attempting to generate terrain and texture it using the terrain mask texture node. I have a Mix Shader that receives dirt and a snow diffuse shaders and a Terrain Mask that feeds into the Fac. However, the Terrain Mask node just generates a plain gradient texture, not respecting the slope data of the object to generate the mask. I've attached the shader I'm using. As you can see, the Terrain Mask is a gradient when it should be a topological map.
  26. Hi, Is there an option to take initial velocity for the emitter source? You can see a demonstration of this effect below (in Blender). One with velocity turned on and another turned of. I believe TFD also has a similar setting. https://www.dropbox.com/s/agdepqkskelxb2o/c4d260_xplosia_initial_velocity_from_emitter.mp4?dl=0 Regards, Ben
  27. bentraje

    What happened to the Custom Tag - Tag?

    Hi @Mike Cahill The "custom tag" is still there. You just need to click the dropdown arrow next to the parameter name. By default it is collapse.
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